For FW18, Bevza presents FAUX REALITY, a new generation of elegance, inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums, Anna Wintour, and Carrie Bradshaw.

Bevza puffy coats, instead of sporty, show literal classic feminine “fur” coats which give the illusion of luxe fur in a trompe l’oeil print. At first glance one sees wealth and drama of a full length fur coat (a sort of opulent propaganda).

Bevza: Gwyneth, Anna & Carrie

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The jackets contain no animal fur or goose feathers, only down alternative and printed nylon. The coats will be titled Gwyneth, Anna & Carrie.

The FW18 collection is comprised of outerwear, pants, tops and dresses comprised of silk, wool & eco-­leather. Key accessories include silk belts & bags. Bevza’s inspiration for this season was making clothes that people want now, items that are practical and utilitarian. Nobody needs now futuristic, impractical messages. Everyone wants actuality. Elegance
and humanity -­ ULTRAREALISM.

Designer – Svetlana Bevza
Producer – Maksym Nekrasov @VYSHEGROUP
Producer assistant – Anna Nazarchuk
Casting/production – Violetta Malakhova
Style assistant – Alina Cotsiuba
Make up/ Hair -­ SHISEIDO
Pr – Amanda Carter, Lindsey Solomon @ModePr
Photo – Federica Dall’Orso


With love,