Bevza Fall/Winter 2022 Collection: Love Letters

Bevza Fall/Winter 2022 Collection: Love Letters

The BEVZA Fall/Winter 2022/23 collection is dedicated to love through time and distance, love that is captured on paper – the love letters.

The love, which BEVZA shares through notes, cards, messages and of course through their collections with the world. The ‘Love Letters’ collection and the show itself is the language of affection addressed to those who are fans of BEVZA.


The name of the collection was not picked by chance. BEVZA associates love with care and care is shown through finding ways of making our Earth a better, cleaner place for all of us. For this we are keeping track on the development of new technologies and innovations in textile production, using recycled yarns and upcycled materials to create garments.

“The FW 22/23 collection is enveloped in a spirit of futuristic nostalgia. We feel nostalgic for lyric intimacy and parthenia nature, seeking for its revival. We want to be a part of a better future.” – Svitlana Bevza

The central element of the Fall/Winter 2022/23 collection and the main symbol of the ‘Love Letters’ is the wax seal, used from ancient times to keep letters safe from stranger’s eyes. The element with the BEVZA logo on it resembles the desire of privacy, the protection from being disclosed. The allusion has a close connection to the winter season, as during cold months we all want the clothes to protect us from the winter’s cold.

The wax seal can be seen throughout many items of the collection, such as on the buttons and hardware detailing of garments and accents on jewelry. The wax sealed buttons are made of post-consumer recycled materials sourced in Ukraine – the plastic lids of bottles. BEVZA is always driven by the idea of sustainability and with this Svitlana Bevza wants to show how beautiful items made of consumables can be.

The sustainable story continues through the collection, with materials used from either recycled or organic materials: recycled plastic, bamboo and viscose fabric waste. The collection also successfully incorporates sustainable techniques from prior collections, such as the rib-knit pieces created from recycled plastic bottles. The key pieces of the collection are knitted from yarns that have a fish like texture that resembles the scale and stands as a symbol of every living creature in the ocean.

Leftover scraps of fabric are crafted into zero-waste dresses, another approach to sustainability that takes the craft-forward process of tailors painstakingly fitting clothes onto a dress form and piecing the leftover textiles into one dress. The process of creating such a dress takes a lot of time as each piece is cut out with caring hands of tailors and then brought together into one piece. What are now BEVZA signatures are reimagined for FW22, bringing back the FW18 digital printed puffers of furs.


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