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Behind The Mask: Chi Zhang Takes NYFW FW17

Chi Zhang Takes NYFW FW17

Hailing from China, Chi Zhang had his premiere show at the Space Shuttle Pavilion last week and took NYFW by storm.

Although he has been awarded consecutively for the last 7 years as a designer in China, this was his first collection showing at NYFW. Zhang is deeply rooted in a change for the environment, especially in China, where masks are often worn due to the air pollution. In his collection, the use of gas masks is a symbol for just that. I was able to snag an interview with the designer right before his collection entered the runway.

Zhang is deeply rooted in a change for the environment.

NYFW Undercover

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(Photos: Greg Avenel)

Q: Describe in one word exactly what it feels like to be showing at New York Fashion Week?

EXCITING! Yea, exciting.

Emily Burnette interviews Chi Zhang backstage

Q: How did the concept of the use of dancers as models come into play?

I’ve done dancing many seasons now, back home. But it’s very lucky for me here because you know all the dancers here are much better than back home. I casted so many New York freelance dancers here, it’s very good; you’ll see it later.

Q: How did you become so involved and interested in the environment and pollution?

I am against air pollution and back home it is so bad, so we have to protect ourselves. So back home when we sell one piece, we buy a tree seed to plant a tree.

When we sell one piece, we plant a tree.

Q: What do you hope your audience takes with them tonight after seeing your collection?

They’re happy. More energy, more life, more enjoyable. Like me, I enjoy my life every day, I want them to feel my energy. I’m happy everyday.

Q: Last thoughts?

Next season I will come back with better English!


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