Bee Goddess, The World’s First Talismanic Jewellery Brand, Shines Light On Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella For Brand Collaboration

Bee Goddess, The World’s First Talismanic Jewellery Brand, Shines Light On Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella For Brand Collaboration

This Autumn sees Ece Şirin, the founder and creator of the Bee Goddess jewellery brand, break new ground by collaborating with Amazon Prime Video for the worldwide launch on 3rd September 2021 of the much-anticipated new film Cinderella.

Bee Goddess first made its name known globally 15 years ago when London based Ece, who is of Turkish origin, launched her label as the world’s first talismanic jewellery brand. Inspired by the Anatolian Mother Goddess, the brand offers fine jewellery pieces that celebrate the power of self discovery and of connection through universal symbols that transcend religion, geography and time. Since then, Ece was selected as the most visionary designer by Telegraph Luxury, and fans of her jewellery include Madonna, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet.

The new Cinderella movie is a musically bold new take on the much-loved traditional fairy tale. The protagonist of the movie, played by Grammy Award-winning world-renowned artist Camila Cabello, is a contemporary Cinderella for our times. She is an ambitious young woman whose dreams are bigger than the world will allow, and the character of Fab G, who helps her on this path, is played by Billy Porter.

A star-studded cast joins Camila Cabello and Billy Porter, including Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine and Pierce Brosnan. Produced by Leo Pearlman, James Corden, Jonathan Kadin and Shannon McIntosh and directed by Kay Cannon, Cinderella will be enjoyed by audiences in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide when it launches on 3rd September 2021, exclusively for Amazon Prime Video. The long-awaited musical also features pop songs by today’s world-famous artists Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel.

Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella is a modern tale with universal appeal about a free and strong woman, a role model to inspire young women around the world to follow their dreams. The collaboration with Bee Goddess jewellery was a therefore natural and authentic fit as both are defined by transformation and the magic of finding one’s inner power. Bee Goddess’ symbolic jewellery perfectly captures the essential themes of Cinderella, empowering anyone who wears it to discover their strength and use their own light to make dreams come true.

This messaging conveys a transformation from the ordinary to the magical, which is why it is so fitting that Cinderella wears Bee Goddess jewellery after her transformation by the Fabulous Godmother.

In addition, the film’s messages of empowerment and global sisterhood echo across generations and through Bee Goddess’ jewellery collections where the value of the jewel is not measured in carats but by the infinite light it brings the wearer. Bee Goddess is therefore a jewellery brand that appeals to the passionate and inspiring women of today and the future. This philosophy and the designs, shine bright in the new Cinderella film.

Emmy Award-Winning Costume Designer Ellen Mirojnick Chose Bee Goddess, Created by Ece Şirin

The jewellery selections for the film were carefully chosen to reflect the values symbolized by each character. This perfect fit was achieved when Ellen Mirojnick, the Emmy-winning costume designer of productions such as Bridgerton, Maleficent, and Fatal Attraction, personally chose the Bee Goddess jewels which she felt resonated most powerfully with the production. Mirojnick having long admired Ece’s designs, and after extensive consultation with Ece about the brand’s philosophy and mission, Mirojnick knew that Bee Goddess jewels should definitely play their own starring role in the Cinderella film.

Bee Goddess founder and designer Ece Şirin expressed her happiness and pride in being a part of such a great and valuable project:

“15 years ago, we started the journey off from Anatolia, the land of the Goddess, where civilization began, to illuminate the whole world with a magical light of goddess philosophy, to inspire and empower women around the World to follow their dreams and write their life myths; to shine their soul’s light and connect with each other beyond time, borders and religion. Bee Goddess is not a status symbol, but a symbol of the soul. I am really excited to be a part of a great collaboration with Amazon Prime Video as Bee Goddess today. Bee Goddess is excited to be on the same platform with global brands such as Mercedes Benz and L’Oreal.”

Cinderella Wears the Crescent-Star Design Inspired by Goddess Artemis*

In the scene where she is magically prepared for the ball, which is one of the most iconic and eye catching moments of the fairy tale, Cinderella wears a Bee Goddess design the Crescent-Star Necklace around her neck as she prepares to attend the party with her own design.

In the movie, besides Cinderella’s special talisman necklace designed with inspiration from the ancient symbols of the goddess the crescent and the star, symbolizing the manifesting one’s soul purpose, Cinderella also wears Bee Goddess’ most popular love and beauty talisman, Venus, the brightest star in the sky. The queen, played by Minnie Driver, wears the Jardin Star identified with wisdom and insight.

Bee Goddess Cinderella-Inspired Special Collection

Alongside the Cinderella film collaboration, Bee Goddess continues apace with its preparations for all of the collections for all of its boutiques and global sales points. Symbolic jewels inspired by the movie will be displayed in special Cinderella spaces at Bee Goddess boutiques around the world.

In London, to celebrate the film launch, Bee Goddess is hosting a special Cinderella pop up boutique at Harrods, Knightsbridge from 6th September 2021 for two months, where customers can discover the jewels from their Cinderella inspired collection including Venus, Jardin Star, Crescent and The Moon and The Star.

In addition Bee Goddess, whose mission is to enable women to find their inner strength, aims to support young women to pursue and to realize their dreams by planning a series of additional events towards this cause.

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