Beauty Tips 101: How To Stay Beautiful During A Move

How To Stay Beautiful During A Move

Generally speaking, moving to a new place can be an overwhelming experience. Well, it’s just normal since all you want is to finish all your relocation tasks on time and without any delays. However, if everything seems to get you overly stressed, then you might look like a real mess. When this happens, you might be unable to arrive at your new place of abode fresh and looking good.

To avoid this from happening, below are a few tips to staying beautiful during the entire relocation process:

1. Get Enough Sleep

It’s important to take care of yourself even if you’re surrounded by moving boxes and clutter. And one way to do this is to get plenty of sleep. In most cases, people who are deprived of sleep have dark under-eye circles, droopy eyelids, more wrinkles and puffy eyes. This is due to the increase of the so-called stress hormone known as cortisol.

When you have little sleep, this stress hormone can increase and cause a loss of collagen, making you look unattractive. That being said, it’s best to get enough of sleep every night to keep your cortisol level at a minimum and maintain a beautiful look at all times.

Also, if you tend to spend all night packing your stuff, then it can be a good idea to work with one of the best moving companies in your area to help you with the logistics. With them at your side, you can focus on getting enough sleep and keeping yourself beautiful while they handle the move for you.

2. Drink Enough Water

Again, you should know how to take care of yourself not just for your physical appearance but for your health. When you’re moving, the best thing you can do to stay fresh and beautiful is to drink plenty of water. This is especially true if you’re doing a lot of physical work for your relocation.

In such a case, be sure to keep yourself hydrated so you continue to look better and fresher. You can do this by having a water bottle near you or wherever you go. So, everytime you feel thirsty, you can easily and quickly take a sip from your bottle. Also, you can set a reminder on your phone, reminding you to drink some water every after fifteen minutes.

3. Eat Healthy

Just like sleep and water, food can also play a significant factor in having a good appearance. Thus, to stay beautiful during the relocation, be sure to eat healthy. For example, if you want to avoid dark under-eye circles, don’t hesitate to consume dark, leafy greens. Also, to ensure healthy and moisturized skin, it can be a great idea to eat nuts and seeds to prevent your skin from becoming dry. Lastly, to get rid of wrinkles while moving, you should consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as oily fish and walnuts.

4. Stick With Your Usual Beauty Routine

Another way to stay beautiful and attractive is to stick with your usual beauty routine. Generally, you might have a beauty regimen that you follow every day to keep yourself looking good and fresh. Thus, even if you’re preoccupied with the relocation, be sure to keep on doing what you’re doing for your beauty. These can include:

  • Moisturize your skin properly: To ensure your face looks good after a tiring day of packing and moving, you should moisturize it properly. However, you should choose the right product, depending on your skin. For example, if your skin is oily, apply light emulsions and fluids. If your skin is normal, using creams with mineral oils can be a good idea. If your skin is dry, moisturize it with beeswax base for better results.
  • Remove blackheads: If you have blackheads, be sure to remove it using a quick mask. This can be done by mixing cinnamon and honey until you produce a paste. Once you’re done, start applying it to the area over the blackheads and putting a clean cotton over it. Then, take off the cotton and rinse your face with clean water.
  • Wear sunscreen when going out: If you have to go outside from time to time when moving, don’t leave your home without applying facial sunscreen on your face to avoid sun spots, wrinkles, and other skin problems.
  • Always remove makeup: If you’re the kind of person who wears makeup every day, then you should make a habit to remove it before going to bed. When you fail to remove your makeup, your skin will become dull and dehydrated. So, to keep your face healthy and hydrated, find time to cleanse your face with a good makeup cleanser.

As you can see, there are many things to do to protect your skin and stay beautiful at all times. Thus, even if you’re relocating, don’t forget to stick with your routine to make sure you arrive at your new home with a fresh look. However, if you want to prioritize your beauty and health over anything else, it’s best to hire professionals like cross country movers to take care of the move for you. While you keep yourself beautiful, they can help you make the moving process more seamless.


There you go – moving doesn’t need to make you unattractive. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll never have any problem staying beautiful and fresh while relocating.


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