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Clara Meyer
Clara Meyer resides on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, coming a long way from growing up in the Midwest and Italian roots.

Beauty Brands You Can’t Live Without in 2018: Drunk Elephant

Beauty Brands You Cannot Live Without in 2018: Drunk Elephant NYFW FW18

Beauty editors get more free beauty products to test out than you could ever imagine. Every new launch, fun lip color, revolutionary serum and trendy product gets delivered to my desk.

My medicine cabinet looks ten million times prettier since I have become Beauty Director. I get to spend a good chunk of my day researching and playing with products that have not even come out yet. Learning about all these innovative formulas and what ingredients like copper peptides, used in Drunk Elephant’s Shaba Complex Eye Serum blows my mind everyday.

Skincare is such a cool, innovative industry that is changing for the better. While it may seem heavenly, we still have to test and actually write about which products we like in a way that someone at home that may know absolutely nothing about skincare or what they really are putting on their face can understand and relate to. We have rounded up a few of our absolute favorite skincare and beauty brands that we are going to share with you. Kicking off this series is Drunk Elephant, the skincare brand that a stay-at-home mom turned into a major skincare player that even Sephora cannot keep on it’s shelves.

Drunk elephant skincare lures you in with the shelfie worthy packaging and its catchy name, but the recognizable ingredients and clear results keep you coming back for more. Free of toxins, essential oils, silicons and disruptors that prohibit healthy skin Drunk Elephant uses ingredients like pumpkin ferment extract (C-Firma Day Serum), milk thistle (T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial), provitamin B5 and pineapple creamed (B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel). These are our top favorite products that you need to add into your skincare routine.

I start my morning off with washing my face with a bit of water, the Protini Polypeptide Cream, C-Firma Day Serum and Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense. The Protini Polypeptide Cream delivers a shot of protein and nutrients that restores lines, wrinkles and moisturizes the skin. Follow with a cult-favorite, the C-Firma Day vitamin C day serum that combats tired, dull winter skin almost immediately. Due to its reservoir effect it cannot be washed off the face for up to 72-hours, delivering long lasting results. No matter the city or time of year you should always be applying sunscreen under your foundation. The Umbre Tinte protects your face from UV and free radical damage while making your face look matte and glowy. The best part about this physical sunscreen is that its not formulated with any chemical sunscreen that irritate the skin, using a natural alternative of zinc oxide.

All I want after a long day is to wash my face and feel clean. Enter the JuJu Bar that cleans all the NYC junk off my face and exfoliates it without messing up the skin’s pH levels or stripping the skin of it’s protective barrier. T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial is an AHA/BHA peel that doesn’t leave your skin red, irritated and doesn’t give you those breakouts you can get after facials. Even those with highly sensitive skin have raved about this, as it gently removes dead skin cells and resurfaces the healthy cells for a smooth and brighter complexion. Follow with the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil that delivers moisture and a youthful glow. Their Virgin Marula Oil is just the way that African women used it, pure and untouched. Dry skin is no match for the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel! This bottle of B5 pro-vitamin and pineapple ceramide helps lock in moisture all day and night.

Without trying to sound like a complete Drunk Elephant groupie, these products really work well as a complete skincare system. While not everyone can incorporate every single product into their skincare regimen, adding even a few of these products will make a noticeable difference. Don’t be surprised when all your friends start to tell you how bright and glowing your skin is, because trust me, it will happen more than you think.


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