Arturo Obegero Spring Summer 2023

“Song to the siren” by This Mortal Coil, 1984.

This collection is a love letter to my beautiful hometown, Tapia de Casariego, in Asturias, Northern Spain.

My town has always been an inspiration in my work, but this season, I want to pay homage to it more than ever, to show its endangered beauty to the world.

Greed is dangerous, and on this occasion, it takes the form of a gold mining business putting at risk my beloved hometown, its nature, my people, and a way of life that is intrinsically connected to nature.

Tapia’s beautiful sea, landscapes, and mythology as well as the work of surreal artists such as Man Ray and René Magritte were essential to devising a colourful, ethereal, and romantic wardrobe for all, starring iterations of our signature styles. The Pedro silk shirt is now floor-sweeping dress and we adorned our Querelle tops and Gades high-waisted trousers with cascading overskirts.

Arturo Obegero Spring Summer 2023

Light draped siren tops and dresses are poetic additions to our sartorial ideals. Always asking myself ‘what would Madame Grès do?’ along the way, the styles are also inspired by Xanas, water fairies thriving in fountains, waterfalls and at the mouth of rivers, and protecting gold.

A fantasy exalting the nature of my town and our mythological creatures who would wake up and fight against the greed of gold and the avarice of men. Imagine one of those fairies or mermairds swimming in an electric blue trompe l’œil gown with a see-through torso and long, effusive skirt.

The white feather ensemble conjures up the Home Marín (men of the sea) and Espumeru, creatures hiding in littoral caves, as well as waves crashing against a cliff. It materialises that unique feeling of diving in the ocean and being surrounded by foam.

The black Man Ray Mermaid ensemble is a response to the artist’s “Venus torso” from 1936. Its embroidered rhinestone chains twist in a glamorous and ostentatious way reminiscent of water dripping around the body.

René Magritte’s “The victory” from 1939 also inspired the spirit of the collection. It tells the story of escapism, of opening the door and simply reconnecting with nature. It made me think about whenever

I return to my hometown and how much I want it to be protected.

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Ivankovà investigates the idea of trance, with a therapeutic vocation that collects and reinterprets the New Age genre. Using mantra and repetition in long-form compositions, Ivankovà invites us to travel through soundscapes that embody his particular vision of the gothic spectrum and neo-medieval fantasy, in which long analog organ drones, synthesizers and ethereal vocal compositions are the protagonists.

“I feel very grateful to Arturo and Andrea Orejas (stylist) for having counted on me to put the soundtrack to this beautiful collection that is not only linked to the enhancement of an intangible cultural heritage, but also has a critical background with the negative impact that they suppose some actions of human beings against nature. Musically, working on this piece has been a luxury, and an opportunity to develop concepts that interest me a lot and that nourish my Ivankovà project, such as fantasy, folklore, mythology, the drone and the epic”


As part of our core values, Arturo Obegero continues to develop and improve the brand’s
sustainability practice, especially upcycling.

“I used to collect sea glass when I was younger. I asked the children of my hometown to collect and send them to me so I could turn them into showpieces. I find it rather poetic that the pollution we create, by throwing bottles to the ocean, is returned to us as the most beautiful gems. Reason why we decided to work again with seaglass, treating these crystals as precious stones on high jewellery. It’s like carrying a drop of the ocean with you”

We collaborated with Italian-born Paris-based jewellery designer Natalia Radonjic ( to create a series of unique rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and body chains, inspired by the sensuality of the ocean and the esoteric mythology of my hometown.

“Having always been inclined to experimenting, this constant research has gradually created my interest in the organic, natural and unique aspect of metal. My work is driven by the will of recreating a physical property (liquid, for example) and decorating the body with it. The jewelry I made for Arturo’s collection was inspired by water, movement, and roots. I wanted to create something that could bring new life to the glass fragments that Arturo has been collecting for years, and that represents the indissoluble bond to our roots and the past. And how past, present and future can intertwine in the artistic creation.”


ATO Designs est un studio de création et une agence de production mêlant art, innovation et design.

La conception scénographique, la mise en scène, la création d’installations in-situ pour les institutions culturelles et les maisons de mode sont au coeur de son activité.

ATO is a creative studio that blends art, innovation and design. The studio has produced unique large scale events, art installations and concepts for cultural institutions, major fashion brands and world-renowned artists.


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