Anrealage Spring 2018: Paris Fashion Week

Anrealage Paris Fashion Week

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For his latest collection, designer Kunihiko Morinaga focused on the relationship among clothes, the human body, and physical power.

Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous driving forces in the world is power.

Though we cannot always see it, power, much like light and shadow, exists all around us – manifested through human exertion, the will of a nation, or the clothes we put on our backs.

Anrealage: Paris Fashion Week

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As we go through our daily routines, we are constantly putting tension on the clothes we wear. This tension then imbibes our clothes with a sort of physical power, which Morinaga has set out to visualize through light.

Morinaga set out to visualize power through light

Mechanochromic technology is used as a sensory tool in architectural structures to detect and visualize cracks – sites of stress or tension – on a building through a phenomenon which turns this tension into light.

This mechanochromic technology has been applied to the clothing to turn kinetic energy into light; in other words, visualizing power through light.

For ANREALAGE, power is personified by Wonder Woman. A beacon of light and strength, she represents the body in peak form, empowered through divine and physical conditioning.

Material and Form

A series of garments whose forms nod to the enhanced physical attributes of a body-builder.

Military t-shirts, logo t-shirts, knits and shirts upsized 300% are subjected to pressure by elastic material.

Designs are inspired by kinesiology tape that supports the body to improve physical performance. Checks and argyle patterns are expressed by these tapes.

Shoulders and sleeves transformed larger than normal bodily proportions.

Dyneema Composite Fabric is an ultra-light fabric which can float on water but is 15x stronger than steel, often used in protective vests.

Garments that produce light when the wearer moves. The tension on the clothes is visualized through light, which becomes more luminous with more intense movement.


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