American Vintage SS19 Campaign

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The sky, the sun, Marseille …

Captured by photographer Julia Champeau’s camera, Marseille becomes the playing field of the new American Vintage campaign. Following three friends in the streets of Marseille, she tells an intimate story.

American Vintage

Photos: Julia Champeau

Because fashions change but style remains, her photos are intended to be moments suspended in time. Days at the beach. When you don’t do anything, but you feel everything. Silence. Laughter. The wind. The rocky creeks known as calanques.

The faces of this summer day, Adèle, Angèle and Lemmie, embody this free spirit, always living in the moment. For the first time, they are dressed only in La Maison AMV pieces, the new concept that unites all the must-have basics of American Vintage under an expressive name, for a timeless look.

With this real change in strategy, the brand highlights its essentials: the legendary white T-shirt teams up with raw denim and bare feet in the sand. The girls borrow the boy’s jean jacket whose coarse-grain cotton contrasts with their delicate uncovered legs.

The boy steals their vibrant summer colors for his shirts and fleece shorts: cherry pink, carmine red.

Surpassing trends, the trio celebrates the repositioning of American Vintage with a powerful return to its roots for a brand designed to last.


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