American Vintage Fall/Winter 2020

American Vintage Fall/Winter 2020

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Lovers or friends. Parents or children. Brothers or sisters. This isn’t a campaign.

It’s the story of life. This autumn-winter 2020-2021, American Vintage continues its quest for intimacy by inviting photographer Julia Champeau to capture portraits of everyday men and women.

American Vintage

Against a white backdrop, these slices of life are immortalised in a studio. A father poses with his daughters. A little sister with her big brother. Friends in duos or trios. In these images, our eye lingers on a stance, an attitude, a gaze. We don’t overthink anything. We just observe. We laugh.

Authentic, tender and sometimes awkward, the gestures are imbued with gentleness. A creative response to the current context, the campaign focuses on the keyword of 2020: essential. For the first time, the city and countryside disappear, giving centre stage to bare, authentic and powerful reality.


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