Private Policy | New York Fashion Week: Men’s

We live in an interesting time, when different groups of people can profess to love “America and all it stands for,” while holding extremely divergent ideas about what that means.

Some of these divisions can be answered (I think), in a more pat manner. For example, it’s clear that some people feel the “American dream” is about plurality and heterogeneity, while others feel it only applies to a certain ethnic group.

Other questions are thornier.

If you want to ruin a Thanksgiving Day meal, for example, you might bring up the idea of flag burning. (Something I narrowly avoided last November.) It’s easy to see both sides. On the one, you might have someone who knows of a person who gave their life defending that flag. Who, in essence, gave their life for all of us. So the question boils down to what you think that person sacrificed for: the flag itself, or the right to live in a country where dissent is allowed.

Fashion serves several purposes. Two of its most rewarding are as an outlet for fantasy, and as a reflection of what society is going through.

For a little of the latter, look no further than Private Policy’s excellent SS18 NYFW: Men’s collection, beautifully captured in photos by Shxpir Huang, with styling by Mel Renee.

Private Policy | NYFW: Men’s

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(Photos: Shxpir Huang; Styling: Mel Renee)

According to the designers:

“Under the turbulence of the political climate, many Americans feel that their country is spinning out of control, and the definition of the American Dream seems to be lost. For spring/summer 2018, PRIVATE POLICY intends to be a gatherer; collecting bits and pieces of ordinary American life, in comparison to the impression imposed by politics and media. The designers named the collection Trinkets, because the small things can indeed reflect the big picture.

the definition of the American Dream seems to be lost

“Hints of Native American elements are seen in vests and jackets, as the designers expand upon their use of prints and patterns; western influences modeled in their signature silk wool fabrication are seen in reinvented ‘denim’ jackets and ‘denim’ pants, which are finished with touches of rhinestones to represent Hollywood glam; and Private Policy’s abstract touch finishes the collection with pieces made to resemble ‘Thank You, Thank You, Thank You’ plastic bags found in convenience stores across America.

“To pull the collections inspiration together, a capsule collection of wallet chains and hangtags, another signature piece from collections past, is incorporated into the collection and designed in collaboration with 11 NYC creatives. The hangtags which display phrases of whimsy, politicalism, pride and fun are meant to express the collaborators vision of America and/or their everyday life. Each chain was then customized with “trinket” charms, a way of linking together the collaborators vision and giving them a medium to express their views and wants for America. ”


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