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Altier Academy: Future Focused

Foreseeing the future of the fashion sector, International Altier Academy (@altieracademy), has 35 years of experience in the field of education, analyzing both local and global needs and training creative, dynamic and innovative professional students in a fully equipped educational environment with state-of-the-art technology.

International Altier Academy is an institution located in Istanbul, Turkey, which provides trainings with the same global standards as international fashion academies in the UK, France, Italy and America.

The most important feature of Altier Academy is that it has all kinds of technical facilities. Apart from Apple iMac Lab, Gerber Accumark Lab, Juki Production Center, Altier Academy Library with nearly 3000 books and periodicals, and such intensive classes, also there is a Starbucks in the academy to have a pleasant time during the break times. This of course, keeps the motivation of students very high.


International Altier Academy, which prepares generation Z for the future of the fashion industry, makes a difference in the fashion sector with its high-tech and advanced innovative educational models.

International Altier Academy brings highly qualified young talents to the fashion industry with its professional trainers with global experience and world-famous brand consultants and collaborations with the most respected designers and international brands in Turkey, and is among the most competent fashion academies in Europe.

Altier Academy is pioneering the Fashion 4.0 system with its high-tech infrastructure established in 2019, utilizing artificial intelligence and high technology to address the needs of the global fashion system.


There are certain conditions for becoming a student at the academy; students are accepted through written and oral interviews. In the written interview in which the candidates first participated, the “goals of participation in education”, “goals”, “domination of the general culture of fashion” and even a basic knowledge of mathematics and geometry are measured. Then, proceed to the face-to-face interview section. The answers given in the written interview are discussed face to face, as a result of this interview, it is decided that the student candidate will be accepted to the academy.

International Altier Academy Founder Serkan Selamet says: “Our goal is not to teach drawing; there are many drawing courses where you can learn them. We aim to train professional fashion designers. For this it is necessary to have high discipline, follow-up, passion and work hard.

We aim to train professional fashion designers, says founder Serkan Selamet

“We pay special attention to these in our interviews; the goals of our prospective students are important to us, does he say if I stopped by while I was passing by, or does he talk to us about the collection he dreams of doing at London Fashion Week. We are looking for this, the capacity of the fashion department of our academy is 150 students, but we accept 24 students a year and share the opportunities in both Turkey and the world with them to achieve their goals.”


Fashion Design Education at Altier Academy consists of a 720-hour program. Normally, it is a 2-year curriculum, but nowadays time is highly precious, so instead of spreading this education over 2 years, they organize it 4 days a week and 12 months continuously, so that students have the opportunity to enter the industry earlier by completing it in 1 year.

Serkan Selamet describes the education curriculum as follows:

“They receive their first basic drawing and mold training, we provide a fast infrastructure. After that, advanced subjects begin, they complete many technical stages such as technical drawing, photoshop and illustrator, modeling, serialization, export.

“After all the infrastructure is completed, the Collection Preparation stages begin; this is the most enjoyable and self-confidence-raising part of the training.

Then the Collection Preparation stages begin

“We also organize fashion chats called Altier Fashion Talks with our students who have grown up in such a technical education and infrastructure, and we host very valuable industry professionals every month.

“We enable students to share their experiences with students and tell their success stories. We see that it is a source of invaluable information and inspiration for young talents. So far, we have hosted such names as Cemil Ipekci, Uğurkan Erez, Cengiz Abazoğlu, Raşit Bağzıbağlı, Tanju Babacan, Gülşah Saraçoğlu, Gülay Gökbayrak of The Woolmark Company, Nilushvintage Nilufer Tercanli in our academy.’


In the Collection Preparation section called ”COL 105: Freedom is Power”, which is carried out together with the most respected designers in the industry, each class has a design mentor. This season Emre Erdemoğlu, Tanju Babacan, Nihan Peker, Şansım Adalı and Özlem Kaya worked together and the students realized great collections. For the new season, Zeynep Tosun and Arzu Kaprol will start as the new mentors of the ‘COL:105: Freedom is Power’ final project at Altier Academy.


In fashion education programs, students’ professional knowledge and skills are improved, while unique opportunities are offered to train designers who are artistically and culturally equipped, have ethical values. Students are taken to many art events and gain a unique experience in the mentorship of fashion instructors.


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