Digital Lookbook: Alon Livné White FW20 Pre-Collection, “Athena”

Alon Livné White FW20 Pre-Collection, “Athena”

Alon Livné’s latest pre-collection is named after its greatest source of inspiration: Athena.

In Greek Mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, crafts, and skill. Attributes that Livnésees in today’s modern woman — a confident self-thinker, that has the right and power to choose her own style, she can be as strong, flirty, delicate or sensual as she’d like. She’s in charge of her own beauty. The pre-collection shows this mix of perfectly-matching contradictions the Alon Livnébride embodies in different ways. Whether it’s her strength through metallic-buckle details, softened with rhinestones that shine fearlessly, or her uniqueness through acombination of soft, delicate laceswith exquisitely rich hand-beaded fabricsand modern silhouettes. The Alon Livnébride is notafraid to look to the past for inspiration but with a refreshingly uniqueview andafashion-forwardtake.

She’s her own hero, just like Athena.


Photography: Dvir Kahlon
Hair: Adir Amergi
Makeup: Tali Power
Model: Eden Polani