Alicia Perrillo: Designer, Artist, and Storyteller

Alicia Perrillo: Designer, Artist, and Storyteller

Fashion designer and artist Alicia Perrillo is firstly a storyteller, but instead of written words, she uses fabrics and silhouettes to share her narrative.

Her work is wearable art, a piece of the larger story, and her clients and models are her canvas and heroines. She loves building the story and designing for those characters. Each garment in her collection has its plot, purpose, and reason for being.

Alicia Perrillo

As a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she started her brand immediately after completing her fashion design and art degree. "My professors impressed the importance of keeping the momentum going. It was easy to slip out of the process of being creative and productive. I took that advice to heart and didn't stop designing and making. That was 2016. I'm so grateful for that lesson when I look back," says Perrillo. She has continued to make multiple collections a year since, which have promenaded the runways of New York's, London's, and Tokyo's Fashion Weeks.

For her upcoming collection, Someday Girl, Alicia focused on a mixture of hard and soft textiles, constricted and flowing silhouettes, to illustrate women's balancing act within the patriarchy. Someday Girl is a critique of the current gender roles that hold us all back and a hopeful look into the future of what it could be for the next generation.

The collection opens with a black and red rose brocade men's suit paired with a pearl-encrusted corset. The womenswear begins with asymmetrical leather and organza that twists around the body. The shapes loosen and become more romantic, set free as the story unfolds. You can experience the collection when Alicia Perrillo returns to New York Fashion Week with NYFW hiTechMODA Productions, at the Edison Ballroom on September 9th, 2022, at 7 pm.

Photo: Ed Sochacki
Models: Christine Hardy and Rebecca Lichvanova
Footwear: TinaMaria Shoes
Modeling Agency: Agency M&P


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