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Agnès b. Spring ’16 Show: Say You Want a Revolution

Agnès b. Hits Revolutionary Notes with Swan

fashToday we have cause to celebrate two indispensable constituents of society: women and fashion.

(Photos: Guillaume Roujas / NOWFASHION)

I’m glad International Women’s Day is during fashion week because both women and fashion have been scoffed at for their frivolity, and have long endured tougher standards than their counterparts: men and other technical arts. Agnès b. held her Swan show today, fittingly, as the designer cares deeply about human rights, fair wages, and underrepresented groups. End rant.

But really, women and fashion is a swell combo.

Both women and fashion have long endured tougher standards than their counterparts.

The Collection

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If we’ve seen current trends made exaggerated earlier this week, Agnès b. tones them down in a softer, Gallic way. The current “Dad’s leather jacket” trend becomes instead smaller and more tailored; oversized peasant coats take on a classic shape, more like Madeline’s school coat; and while coats definitely have fur collars, it’s not too much fur collar.

The goal of this ready-to-wear collection was not to be a runway spectacle, but rather to be literally ready to wear for the modern woman.

The goal of this ready-to-wear collection was to be ready to wear.

Agnès did push limits on what the average woman might choose to wear, though, with a few looks. Notably, the designer introduces us to an extraterrestrial silver bodysuit with pedal-pushing end seams. Another original look was the twin set of an elongated white knit sleeveless shirt and pants of the same fabric, both garments with the last foot of doubly thick material. At the same time this look reminds me of post-tennis country club brunch, but it refuses that idea when paired with Converse-style shoes and a baseball cap.

Agnès b. introduces us to an extraterrestrial silver bodysuit with pedal-pushing end seams.

The last look of the show was a feminist approach to the historical custom of including a wedding gown at the end of the collection.

Instead of a gown, we have a wedding suit.

Most of her contemporaries ignore the wedding dress custom, but Agnes b. stays old school on this account. Contrast this choice with the way that Agnès b. displays a modern view on the “see now buy now” question that many of her contemporaries reject.

Agnès gives us a wedding suit.

We have to conclude that Ms. b is neither “old school” or “new school” — but just kind of cool in general.

Vive les femmes !


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