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Afterhomework Spring 2018: Paris Fashion Week

Afterhomework Paris Fashion Week SS18

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Passion was the guiding force behind Afterhomework’s Spring 2018 collection, shown at Paris Fashion Week. The brand has been the focus of several high-profile articles, called a “new talent on the radar” by Vogue Italia, and interviewed in W.

For SS18, Afterhomework’s Elena Mottola and Pierre Kaczmarek worked spontaneously and separately. The result is a collection of one-offs, each based on a specific idea, or desire. Revising for his philosophy BAC exams, Kaczmarek found inspiration in Hegel: “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Afterhomework: Paris Fashion Week SS18

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The sum total of this stream-of-consciousness approach is an adventurous collection that encompasses every day streetwear, casual eveningwear, and even monkish avant garde. But the collection was at its best (if possibly less wearable) when it leaned to the conceptual. Some standout, one-of-a-kind looks appeared to wrap models in newspaper, drape them in ruffles or modern art, or be made almost entirely of neck ties.

one-of-a-kind looks appeared to wrap models in newspaper, or be made of neck ties

“We didn’t ask ourselves if it all matched,” says Kaczmarek, “we let our imaginations guide us.” Dresses shaped by drawstrings that look like a bundle of freshly washed laundry; pants embellished with ruffles; flat, robe style jackets; cropped and oversized pieces, and an abundance of t-shirts ignore gender in a chaotically harmonious mix of urban and sport style.

We didn’t ask ourselves if it all matched,” says Kaczmarek

Fabrics are soft and natural cottons, wools, and windbreaker nylon. This is all worked in graphic black and white with men’s shirt stripes and a new color injection in signature Lamborghini orange and purple.

This collection is marked by several new collaborations. T-shirt graphics with MMX DELTA and OEL Paris’s Youri Gampel and Simon François; ice block bracelets and other accessories by Camille Pogu, a young French artist friend; handmade in Italy shades from the up-and-coming Bob Sdrunk and sneakers by Converse.


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