Adeam Fall/Winter 2019

For ADEAM’s Fall 2019 we find ourselves in Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. In the past ADEAM collections, designer Hanako Maeda has drawn inspiration from various Japanese traditions such as the Modern Girls of 1920’s Japan and 1990’s Harajuku youth culture. This season Maeda looked to the Ainu, indigenous people of Hokkaido and one of the oldest tribes in Japan. The Ainu are known for their unique lifestyle of living in harmony with nature. This philosophy is also reflected in Ainu textiles and garments, which are often dyed in vibrant shades derived from plants and flowers. They are also known for their intricate prints that signify spirituality and appreciation for the flora and fauna that surrounds them.

This season Maeda, informed by Ainu culture and philosophy, develops a collection that exemplifies the beauty of handcrafted details and an appreciation for nature. Each piece is trimmed with embroidery that resembles traditional Ainu needlework or unraveling ribbons that signify the touch of the hand.

Adeam Fall/Winter 2019

The collection is full of details that lend it an organic, handcrafted feel— lace and pleating, ruffles and asymmetrical vintage silk dresses create soft silhouettes. The appreciation for nature is seen in the textiles of the collection. The sharp tailoring and suiting the brand has become known for make an appearance in vibrant turmeric, fuchsia, and turquoise blue fluid silk and cashmere-blend— a nod to the colors of plant-derived Ainu dyes. Also, this season is Maeda’s first foray into faux leather and faux fur, adding another element of intrigue to the collection.

Through the Fall 2019 collection’s narrative of vibrant colors and delicate femininity, Maeda celebrates the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship and gratitude for nature, ideas that are easily forgotten or ignored in this fast-paced age of technology.


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