A Look Back at YOLANCRIS Fall/Winter 2020 During Paris Fashion Week

YOLANCRIS Fall/Winter 2020 During Paris Fashion Week

The YOLANCRIS Fall/Winter 2020 runway event took place at the iconic Hotel Ritz in Paris. This was the third time to see this Barcelona-based brand live and on the runway.

Yolanda Pérez, the artistic director of the brand, recovers colour brown for a great purpose:

“About this collection, I wanted to do it extremely well; in a very high level. Because this collection means going back to the origin, paying tribute to the couturier’s job. Of course it is great that there are many young people studying design and fashion. But if you don’t have a clue about the job – the real job – you do not know the reality and authenticity behind a fashion brand.”

YOLANCRIS Fall/Winter 2020

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Inspired by the golden age of the ’30s and the boho style of the ’70s, according to show notes, the collection is composed of extremely feminine silhouettes with mermaid dresses and skirts, feathers, 3D flowers and many pieces that provide endless possibilities.

“I am not inspired by anything, I just follow my intuition. Following our path without fear will help us to find our authentic identity.”

Yolancris’ vision is to revolutionize the bridal fashion and the couture industry by offering handmade designs that go beyond the idea of the traditional clichés.

The concept “handmade” is more than a sentence; indeed, it is a reality; it is part of the DNA and values of the brand.

It’s a firm tribute to couture and its artisans, which is also aligned with Yolancris’ commitment regarding sustainability and transparency: local and limited production, reusing and upcycling fabrics and patterns, following the motto of zero waste.


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