A Fashionista’s Guide To Buying Leather Briefcases

A Fashionista’s Guide To Buying Leather Briefcases

If you consider yourself a fashionista, there are probably several staple accessories you keep in your closet that help you create the perfect outfit. As you examine all your fashion-related purchases, you might find that you’re missing a classic leather briefcase.

This type of bag will help you look neat and organized even on your busiest workdays. It can carry all your belongings in one go and keep them safe from dirt, rain, and other external factors.

Full Grain Leather Briefcases

Hard boxy briefcases used to be exclusively associated with lawyers, but lately, there are soft high-quality leather options perfect for all kinds of professionals. The highest quality briefcases, such as the Essential Modern Briefcase from Von Baer, are made from full-grain leather, as it ages better and is much more durable than cheap leather. With all the styles, colors, and types of leather briefcases available today, you’re bound to find a good one that matches your preferences.

Essential Modern Briefcase from Von Baer
Advantages Of Owning A Leather Briefcase

By nature, leather is a durable, low-maintenance, and soft material, which makes it perfect for crafting products such as briefcases that are meant to be used often. It’s a great investment for individuals who are always on the go and prefer functional yet aesthetically appealing bags.

Because of its sleek appearance, a leather briefcase allows you to make a professional, credible impression during client meetings, job interviews, and other business-related appointments. It never goes out of style and is great for work, travel, and even when you’re about to run a quick errand.

Considerations When Purchasing A Leather Briefcase

Because of the number of options you can look into, shopping for a leather briefcase might turn into an overwhelming experience. While it can be tricky to find the best one, there’s no need to fret. Below is a fashionista’s ultimate guide to buying leather briefcases.

1. Identify Your Intentions

When looking for a leather briefcase, you must take into account your lifestyle, habits, line of work, and other priorities. For instance, if you’re a lawyer or financial advisor, look for a leather briefcase with a range of compartment options to store your documents, records, laptop, small items, and other essentials.

If you happen to commute for long hours, choose the right size that can contain all the items you need while keeping them in their intended place in the bag. You wouldn’t want your essentials to move around inside the briefcase as you catch the next train or bus. Consider looking for a medium-sized casual bag such as a leather messenger bag.

Figuring out your purpose for buying the leather briefcase will help you narrow down your options and disregard flashy, impractical choices.

2. Examine The Quality Of The Leather

While leather tend to be pricey compared to other materials, don’t settle for and purchase a fake one. A cheap briefcase that isn’t made of real leather won’t last you long. It might also get damaged easily by factors such as sudden weather changes and common wear and tear.

Once your low-quality leather briefcase has lost its sleek appearance, you may be compelled to buy another one. This isn’t a good way to spend your money. You can only get the benefits of a leather briefcase if you invest in a genuine one.

If you’re buying from a vintage shop, one way to identify whether it’s genuine or not is to check the patina. This is the sheen on a leather bag’s surface that results from decades of long use. While this may not be everyone’s preference, it’s an appealing feature that makes a bag look expensive, high-quality, and timeless. A vintage leather briefcase also has a distinct smell that some may find nostalgic.

You can also select between the two types of quality leather. Full-grain leather is used for briefcases or bags intended for heavy equipment such as cameras and laptops. However, due to its durability, full-grain leather is quite expensive.

On the other hand, top-grain leather is a more affordable alternative to full-grain leather. It has a uniform, smooth finish and is stain-resistant. It’s perfect for people with rigorous work routines and little to no time to maintain the look of their briefcase.

Additionally, don’t purchase a certain type of leather simply because it’s your friend’s recommendation. Both types are great—you just need to select which one suits your specific circumstances.

Office woman with leather briefcase.
3. Count The Compartments

Your briefcase’s compartments can keep you organized and neat. However, this doesn’t imply that the more sections there are, the better. Having more compartments may lead you to bring more than what you can carry.

For instance, if you plan to buy a rolling leather briefcase, select one with minimal sections to separate your records or documents from your laptop and clothes. This will encourage you to travel light, bring only what you would need for the day, and leave unnecessary items behind.

Moreover, take note of the number and placement of external compartments. They should be easy for you to reach so you can access essentials such as your passport, phone, and pen with ease. Also, take into account the amount of space in each compartment. Look for slim sections that can properly fit your documents, laptop, and similar items.

4. Consider The Color

Choosing the right color for your leather briefcase will help you maximize your purchase and use your bag for various occasions. Hence, determine your distinct style. Opt for a color that’ll complement the rest of your wardrobe.

Neutrals such as beige, brown, black, and grey are warm and calming colors that are pleasing to the eye. They can easily be mixed and matched with any outfit, giving you the freedom to experiment with new clothing patterns and cuts.

Moreover, laidback colors such as browns and tans can help you look professional. Take note that choosing the right colors is a fashion rule you must adhere to. Neutrals are also preferable if you want to keep your office look sleek, tidy, yet stylish.

Alternatively, if you feel bold and prefer not to blend in the crowd, you can go for bright colors. Loud hues exude an invigorating vibe. They can become the focal point of your entire look and bring you confidence as well.

The Bottom Line

Because of its sleekness, durability, and versatility, a leather briefcase is the ultimate fashionista must-have. While there are plenty of options available on the market, it’s important to choose one that’s worth your money. By following the guide above, you’ll be able to purchase a leather briefcase that’ll last you long, fit your lifestyle, and serve you well.


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