6 Business Management Trends Beauty Businesses Should Watch Out For In 2022

6 Business Management Trends Beauty Businesses Should Watch Out For In 2022

Since the pandemic is still ongoing after more than a year now, many industries have been severely affected by their business operations and revenues.

With the implementations of lockdowns in some cities and regions, some businesses need to shift to different strategies and business methods to keep their head above water. It doesn’t exempt the beauty industry, including salons and barbershops everywhere.

As the new year arrives, it’s crucial to stay keen and alert of what business opportunities you need to take advantage of. If you’re a beauty business owner, this is the year for you to use the different business strategies that will allow your salon to continue to operate. It’s high time that you recover from the worst hits you’ve experienced since late 2019.

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Here are some business management trends to look out for this year for your beauty business:

1. Online Booking Systems

As technology gets smarter, beauty salon software is set to revolutionize the way people book beauty treatments and appointments today. It’s expedited and convenient for customers to get rid of queueing and waste away precious time. The newly advanced barbershop appointment software (or a WordPress reservation plugin) allows people to book through their smartphones and gadgets, and they can easily communicate regarding their queries about service offerings and specific preferences.

Since these apps come with reminder and communication medium features, both parties, the customer and the barber, can communicate effectively regarding confirmed schedules or changes. Investing in this software will allow salon businesses to continue their operations despite the continuation of the Covid-19 outbreak. Since customers are set through appointments, there will be no crowds gathering, and the limited number of customers will be accommodated my schedule.

2. Consider Offering In-Home Visits

During the pandemic’s peak, some people yearned to get their favorite haircut or some hairstyles that never go out of style. However, they stayed home and avoided going outside. Understandably, not everyone feels safe at the salon, which is the reason why some of your clients may never visit you yet up until this time. They may feel anxious, fearful, and unsafe. These ill emotions are all reasonable, considering what’s happening with the world now.

Hence, salons and barbershops need to offer in-home visits instead. Customers now can have a stylist come to their home and provide a service. With the safety protocols and steps necessary to ensure zero transmission of the virus, you can provide service to your existing and new clients.

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3. Invest In Your Staff

Another business management trend to establish this year is to focus on your employees. With the increasing importance of customer experience, it’s only understandable that you train your staff to deliver fantastic customer service. Creating the right experience for your clients, selling your products, and gaining or losing customers is what your employees do on a day-to-day basis. As their manager, you have a responsibility to help them improve their jobs and compensate them when necessary.

Aside from ensuring good and steady pay, you can allow your staff to work flexibly around different schedules. It will also enable them to keep motivated while working. With the evolving definition of work-life balance, you must implement this approach to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of your staff. Remember that when your employees are highly-motivated and are happy at work, they can better provide good customer service, resulting in higher customer retention.

4. Retail Expansion

For decades, the beauty and hair salon industry has been recommending and selling its favorite products. But in 2022, you will see an increasing focus on this as an additional source of income. Due to how tricky business can be with the service industry, shifting to retail enterprises can somehow make ends meet for business owners.

And when retail therapy continues to be famous among people worldwide, there’s a good business opportunity for salon and barber businesses to offer their products in-store and online.

5. Shifting To Online Platforms

Salons have traditionally been geographically limited in their customer base, as their customers are usually the locals. But due to the pandemic, salons can now target selling to anyone and a broader market niche. Depending on your product offerings and logistics availability, you can sell your products to anyone from anywhere.

The key is to use online platforms for marketing and selling. You can enter the world of content marketing and digital media advertisements and find ways to engage your customers. Eventually, you can guide them to buy your online products soon.

6. Joining The Conversational Commerce Bandwagon

A key focus for the beauty industry is keeping in touch and building stronger relationships with customers. Automated technology, such as conversational commerce, is becoming increasingly popular today.

With tools like chatbots, automated responses, email templates, and many others, salon businesses can now interact with their prospects all day, every day. Automated conversations have stepped up the game when lesser physical interactions continue communication with customers during the pandemic.


To carve out your market share, your salon needs to continuously focus on developing its best aspects and adopt the different tips stated in this article. By ensuring that your business is in the know, you can continue to be a market leader in the industry.


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