5 Modeling Hacks For A Perfect Runway Show

Fashion week is right along the corner. You’ve been hired as a model, and you’re expected to be at your best — which means you’ve got to be spotless, fit, glamorous, and ready for the runway.

But preparing for the job can be so stressful, and stress is exactly the counterproductive thing that could ruin your time on the catwalk. Thankfully, lots of models have shared their hot tips and tricks, hacks, and special recommendations for anybody who needs it, which makes preparing for the perfect runway show manageable and easy.

Model getting a touch up
Modeling 101: Strutting The Runway

Modeling isn’t always about the luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. The key is maintaining your strut and poise while making sure you remain on top of your game down every runway you walk on. In case you’re up for some new modeling hacks to try, here are some that might be of help:

1. Work With Your Body

A model’s glory is in their body’s beauty. After all, it’s what got them the job. Working with your body is a constant process all models have to deal with at every step of their careers. And nothing beats someone who fully understands their body.

Knowing your body means knowing where your best assets are. Inversely, it also means knowing where you need to pay extra attention to. Sometimes, designers would want to figure out how to work with your natural assets.

Hacks that deal with this exist in the form of special products that help most models. For example, models with big busts ought to have their minimizer bras ready (or, for the opposite case, push-up bras). You can also have your favorite shaving tool ready on the go. Or your staple nude underwear safely stashed in your favorite pouch.

2. Try 24K Masks

It’s not a secret of the trade that 24k masks are skin treatments models do a week or a day before the show. It is a long-standing trick that works ever since it gained popularity in the beauty industry.

24k masks offers anti-aging benefits that come with the desired opulent glow on the skin. It prepares the skin for a show by giving it a firm, supple texture, aiding in the brightening of your complexion. It’s what gives most models that clean, vibrant look that makeup can’t simply replicate.

There are tons of variations on the market that serves practical purposes (like peel-off masks and gels). But if you can spare the dollars, the traditional procedure is the best way to do it.

3. Snack Your Way Through The Runway

You’ve probably dieted your way to the night of the show already. But it’s no use keeping yourself thin by eating less (or worse, by starving yourself). You only need to know what to avoid eating before and during the show, to make sure you’re in the best shape.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not snacking that exclusively makes you gain the extra weight. Snacking is what makes the stressful backstage life bearable. When done right, it’d be at no cost to the glam and bam you exude on the ramp.

Carbohydrates and sodium are notorious for making anyone feel bloated, sometimes even lethargic. This is a definite a no-go, especially if you need to be wearing bikinis and lingerie for the show, may it be the New York Fashion Week or the London Fashion Week you’re strutting through. Instead, opt for sugar found in most fruits like apples and bananas.

Liquids also help fill your stomach. Keep yourself hydrated with water. But if you need that extra energy boost (aside from the healthy sugars from fruits), a nice thermos of black coffee could do. Just make sure you use your straws so the lipstick won’t smudge.

4. Natural Is The Way To Go

Given that makeup trends are always changing, it’s quite unarguably true that the natural, nude look will last for a long while. Renowned makeup artists have emphasized beauty in the natural look. They often work to compliment the pieces of clothes you’ll be wearing, or match makeup hues with the natural symmetry of your face. But one hack in the makeup aspect focuses on the importance of the eyes.

Eyes are tricky to color and fill in. But you only have to remember: if you’re interested in incorporating a default model look in your makeup, put the accent to the eyes, and less to the others. Whether it’s dazzling and glittery, smoky, or over-the-top, it’s guaranteed that a good and attentive eye makeup will do the trick.

5. Stick To Your Rituals

The typical regimen never fails. Get your manicure and pedicure done. Ensure you’ve taken care of every spot by doing hair removal treatments. Eat right and exercise so you feel fresh and healthy. Keep a careful track of fitting and dress rehearsal schedules. And practice your signature runway walk.

Every model has a unique way of preparing for runway shows. Appreciating and sticking with the routines that work best for you is probably the best hack anyone can give. This is because not everyone is the same, and there are simply quirky needs that demand specific kinds of attention.

Whatever it is, the perfect runway show will go on. After all, you wouldn’t have been walking down the ramp if you weren’t already capable and alluring.


Being a runway model is no easy feat. It’s definitely a career that a lot of women dream of in their lifetime. You’re already living the dream, so make the best out of it, and make sure you’re giving it your best in every performance. In addition, you can use these modeling hacks to ace your runway show every time.


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