2016: The Year of Us

There Is No “Them” … And Never Has Been


nyfw-official-schedule-2015-spring-2016If you’ve been following FWO regularly, you already know we’re not just about cutting-edge news (although — in the expression “cutting edge” — what exactly, is cutting what? The whole figure of speech is a bit confusing. We just see one of those jagged haircuts that implies the wearer is living “on the edge!” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Anyway, please don’t ask to see our yearbook photos).

No, we’re also known for over-reaching editorials where we talk about stuff we have no business talking about. And on that note ….

We loved 2015. (You probably already guessed that from our editorial “You Are Beautiful: Fashion’s 2015 Revolution“. Even Vogue discussed the changes sweeping fashion in terms of “revolution” in a pictorial in its latest issue.)

But, what if we could take these ideas further in 2016?

So in 2016, we’re calling for the “Age of Us.”

But this is a special kind of “us.” “Us” usually appears in the context of “us vs. them.” But what is there is no “them,” and never has been?

But what is there is no “them,” and never has been?

What if we were all just here, supporting each other, regardless of differences in sexual orientation, body type, country of origin, or religion? What if the very same “race” invented classical music, country, jazz, and hip-hop, built the pyramids, put a rocket into space, and invented crêpes, tandoori, and sushi? What if, instead of saying “the Chinese culture” or “the Russian culture,” we said our African culture, or our Polynesian culture? What if all cultures on earth belong to all of us? What if, on the 2020 census, we crossed out all the racial options and wrote in “human.” Is that corny, or is that more accurate?

What if we were all just here, supporting each other?

What if money wasn’t as important as being happy? And what if happiness could come from biting into an apple, or simply walking down the street?

How would the world change? And how would a small investment in these new ways of thinking create a new world where we look out for one another? How many problems would simply disappear?

Food for thought.

Here’s to an amazing 2016!


With love,


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