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12 Days of Klossmas with #Klossy

Day 12

We’re Celebrating the Holidays With #Klossy

klossy2015 was a year of some pretty wonderful revolutions: more rights for more people. More inclusivity both on and off the runway.

2015 was a year of some pretty wonderful revolutions.

And although it may seem small in the grand scheme of things, one of our favorite debuts of 2015 was Klossy — Karlie Kloss’ new YouTube channel produced by Casey Neistat, edited by a few great folks and helmed by associate producers Annalora von Pentz and Ruby Honerkamp.

It’s a channel where you may learn less about a life of international travel than the importance of using freshly ground peanut butter in gluten-free, vegan cookies. And that’s what makes the channel so refreshing.

You may learn less about international travel than the importance of freshly ground peanut butter.

One of the great, not-so-secret secrets of the entertainment business is that, behind the glitz and glamour, are — too-often — a lot of lost souls. For its apparently lightweight patina, Klossy shoulders a hefty load: functioning as a beacon for anyone — who may aspire to glamour, or feel shut out of glamour — to the things that really make us happy.*


And if Klossy has one persistent message, it’s that happiness comes not from clubbing ’til dawn, driving a luxury car, or appearing in print. It’s the same stuff that’s accessible to everyone.

Happiness comes from the same stuff that’s accessible to everyone.

It’s family. It’s friends. It’s taking the time to nurture others.

It’s the precious, underrated, present moment: as simple and tactile — and as real — as cookie dough.

Have a wonderful 2016!


(p.s. We almost forgot! We’ll be showing one Klossy video per day between now and the new year. It should add up to 12, sort of. Either way, enjoy!)

Klossy on YouTube

With love,


(*Yes, we know that was a triple mixed metaphor. B00m!)