Zero Waste Fashion Designer Malaika New York

Zero Waste Fashion Designer Malaika New York

Minimalistic and futuristic Scandinavian design is woven throughout the MALAIKA Collection. Inspired by her Danish upbringing, she aims to bring zero waste, sustainable fashion to the forefront.

The MALAIKA Collection combines monochrome colors, androgynous styles and versatile garments to create seasonless pieces that will not only make a statement now, but into the future. The three-dimensional elements of both the fabrics and designs create complex simplicity in every garment. Faux fur, up-cycled bike tube, plastics and offcuts are all staples when it comes to MALAIKA’s edgy designs.


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Each garment is designed and handmade in New York with a deliberate, two-fold purpose; purpose for the wearer and purpose for the environment. Inclusivity, flexibility, longevity and quality all play a part in the design process.

Inspired by nature, MALAIKA’s zero waste patterns, locally sourced fabrics and sustainable practices give light to bold creations that have minimal environmental impact.

The MALAIKA Collection is dedicated to the mindful individual; it highlights how conventional methods can be reinvented to create lasting pieces that give the wearer endless experiences. It breaks away from the mould of traditional fashion, focusing on personal style over current trends.


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