Zara Umrigar Returns to Paris Fashion Week

Zara Umrigar Talks About Her Return to Paris Fashion Week

We first spoke to Zara Umrigar before her debut show at Paris Fashion Week in September 2017. Now Zara is headed back to Paris to debut her latest collection at PFW Spring/Summer 2020. We caught up with Zara to ask what’s changed — and what hasn’t — since her last show.

Q: What’s it like being back at Paris Fashion Week?

We’ve grown so much as a brand over the last 2 years! I’m incredibly excited to return to the runway with a new perspective, a more established brand and our most powerful collection yet.

It will be our most powerful collection yet

It’s such an overwhelming and gratifying feeling to have the opportunity to showcase our pieces on such a global platform, and I look forward to all that is to come!

Q: What can we expect to see on the runway this season? What was the collection’s inspiration?

You can expect to see a lot of drama and attention to detail!

“Reign” is inspired by the powerful women in the Game of Thrones. An ode to one of my favourite tv shows of all time, this collection is fierce, bold and intricately hand-embroidered.

From beaded wings and capes, to power shoulders and dramatic silhouettes — the pieces depict flight, freedom and power. It’s all about the rise of powerful women to the top!

It’s inspired by Game of Thrones: fierce intricately hand-embroidered

Q: Has your vision of the “Zara Umrigar” woman changed? If so, how?

The brand has grown and expanded greatly over the last few years, and so has my vision.

With time came a lot of confidence, a deep understanding of what I’d like to express through my pieces; and the ability to take risks more freely to achieve that.

My idea of the Zara Umrigar woman evolved from demure and soft to fierce, powerful and bold… with the right amount of femininity and elegance.

The goal is for the women wearing our outfits to feel empowered, confident and glamorous.

the Zara Umrigar woman evolved from soft to fierce

Q: What things about your brand are evolving, and what will never change?

I find inspiration in the contradiction between old world charm and the modern world we live in today.

I like to take the most classic aspect of things and mix it in with something that’s bold and edgy, and that will always be the soul of our brand.

Bringing together timeless silhouettes and powerful hand embroidery is what continues to excite me most.

I love bringing together timeless silhouettes and powerful hand embroidery

I do see myself less confined within boundaries I had set for myself, and in that sense, I feel like the brand has evolved into the perfect expression of what I envision.


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