Yuima Nakazato Spring Summer 2018: Paris Fashion Week

Yuima Nakazato Paris Fashion Week FW18

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Through our mindful thoughts and daily inspirations we arrived at a symbolic word, HARMONIZE. The word illustrates the state in which two very different entities, the human body and garment, continue to develop while complementing each other. This delicate balance, a harmony of entities themselves, is the way YUIMA NAKAZATO envisions as the future of mankind and clothing.

Yuima Nakazato: PFW FW18

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In order to evoke such vision of future, our focus and attention was drawn to one thing: outer space. Throughout time mankind have dreamed of a world beyond their own. Symbolized by the Armstrong’s marking of humans’ first footprints on the moon and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the 1960s was a time when humans had grown in enthusiasm and adoration for the universe above them. Space was yet a subject of unreachable aspiration far far away from us that time. More than half a century has passed since then, and with the endless advancement of technology reaching out beyond our world is no longer a dream.
It is our reality.

Eventually, there will be a time where humans live a life outside the confines of this Earth. How we dress ourselves will be how we represent humans in space. The future of fashion is the future of us, humans. We, at YUIMA NAKAZATO, believe that the clothes should always be beautiful no matter how harsh their surrounding environments or circumstances may be.

Unit Constructed Textile is a unique idea and technology that we have been developing over the last few years, exploring the possibility of more sustainable fashion. Upon its research, it became clear that the principle philosophy of our technique was in common with that of many other methods found in various fields from Japanese traditional custom of mending ragged textiles (‘Boro’) to the exterior structure of spaceships. A conversation with the spacesuit research team at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency gave us vital inspiration as we learnt the importance of having various recyclable system in order to sustain a long-term stay with limited resources in space.

Taking our research and development into consideration, for this collection we sourced disposed industrial products originally designed to protect humans such as airbags and parachutes from around the world. By dismantling and reassembling through digital fabrication and craftsmanship, we were able to repurpose these discarded products into an innovative and viable material.

Through this process, we succeeded in developing a new and unique manufacturing system that would allow us to make partial updates to garment time to time in response to changing environments and wearer’s body shape, significantly extending the lifespan of the item to semi-permanent. With this system, clothing can truly harmonize with each wearer and adapt to the world the they live in.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’’
Armstrong’s words never left our minds throughout the creative process. We put together this collection with the hope of expanding the possibilities of mankind, even if it is a small step. These are the garments designed for pioneers who dare venture into the new age. This collection is our message to the future.


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