Yezael FW20 Collection

Yezael FW20 Collection

Represented by Autrement PR.

Angelo Cruciani presents at 2020 Milan Fashion Week a collection inspired by contemporary lifestyle, which, blurring the lines between virtual and physical reality, threatens to transform men into machines.

“I’M NOT A FU ** ING MACHINE” is the slogan of a collection where ethics and aesthetics collide to create a look that speaks of an increasingly technological, yet sadly less and less poetic world.


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ANIMA MECCANICA (MECHANICAL SOUL) is a “bad” collection that uncomfortably touches our obsession with mobile phones, laziness, and luxury.

This is how Angelo Cruciani imagined his new young people: generations aware that life is made of contrasting levels where the Cloud has replaced memory and Photoshop is our personal trainer.

The time has come for the rise of a new awareness, which starts from young people who reject a world made of polluting waste, from a sensitivity that refuses to talk about the ego and gives voice to collectivity, since we all write public diaries nowadays and make others partakers and judges of our lives.

A collection between black and white and the various shades in the middle, without colors except for the graphics that invade the entire assortment.

Plenty of Unisex, or better, Everysex garments: this is a Luxury Streetwear collection where Couture is present in every garment. From raincoats to evening dresses, the artisan and pure side turns out to be symbolic and explicit in its utmost imperfection.

This Collection is at the same time PUNK GRUNGE and INDUSTRIAL. Avant-garde and elegance look for a compromise between Jacquard and rips, and between seams and applications.

All garments embody craftsmanship and philosophical content: the collection longs for artistic and social value and courageously embraces a cross-continental aesthetics: Japan, the USA, Germany, the UK and the Eastern countries. Unquestionably the least Italian collection ever proposed by YEZAEL.

We are not machines: we all are souls facing time acceleration and we all run towards our dreams and happiness. We can dress like robots but we will always remain undeniably human.


With love,