Why You Need a Pair of Ankle Strap Shoes in Your Capsule Wardrobe

Why You Need a Pair of Ankle Strap Shoes in Your Capsule Wardrobe

The idea of owning a capsule wardrobe has never been more popular. Our busy modern lives leave us with little time for shopping, doing laundry, dry-cleaning drop-offs, or any of the other tasks that go with maintaining and continually refreshing an up-to-date wardrobe.

The possibility of owning and looking after fewer garments, but still looking as fashionable and elegant as ever, is appealing to many of us.

However, a capsule wardrobe only works if you invest in exactly the right pieces. You need to seek out the garments that make you feel amazing and work with almost everything else you own. They need to be ready to stand the test of time, too, not just in terms of looking timeless. They need to be of the highest quality and capable of still looking amazing after hundreds of wears.

These principles apply to shoes, too. You should be looking to invest in a combination of shoe styles so that you have something that is perfect for every occasion. They need to work with all your capsule outfits and make you feel incredible.

For this reason, ankle strap heels can play an important role in any shoe closet. Here’s why.

Why opt for ankle strap heels?

The number one reason to choose a pair of ankle strap heels is because they will elevate any outfit to another level. While there are plenty of occasions when you’d prefer to wear loafers, ballet flats or trainers, there’s nothing like slipping on a pair of heels to make you instantly feel more glamorous and sophisticated.

As you will know, higher heels give you extra height, elongating your silhouette in a flattering way. Delicate ankle straps add subtle detail to your lower leg that you don’t get with simpler court shoes.

Ankle strap heels work with dresses, trousers, even loungewear. They can be worn in the office or out for dinner and everything in between. They can give a twist of elegance to the most casual of outfits, including distressed denim.

What are my choices?

You can find ankle strap designer shoes in a range of shapes, heights and heel styles: pointed toes, round toes, sandals, stilettos, platforms, low, mid and high heels and more. There is an ankle strap shoe for every lady, no matter what their style preference.

A closed toe shoe is a perfect choice for a capsule wardrobe because they work all year round. Pointed toes help to elongate the foot, making them a very feminine look. Rounded toes are equally stylish, however. They look particularly professional and stately.

5 outfits to pair with your ankle strap heels

You might be wondering how a pair of ankle strap shoes might work with your outfits. Here are some ideas for styling them.

  • The knee-length dress or skirt
    If you want to make the most of your longer legs when wearing ankle-strap heels, then a knee-length dress or skirt will help show off your silhouette. This combination makes for a very feminine look; the extra height helps balance proportions. We would always recommend made to measure dresses for the very best fit.
    Ankle-strap heels work with every style of skirt, from pencil skirts and other slim fits to wider, fuller and more voluptuous styles. Florals, tulle, silk pleats and so many more opulent styles match perfectly with pointed ankle strap heels. They let the skirt have its moment without looking plain or uninteresting themselves. The delicate ankle strap adds just enough detail to do this.
  • Maxi dresses or full-length skirts
    You might have tended to wear flats with longer skirts until now. However, consider adding a pair of heels instead. Full-length skirts and maxi dresses can be trickier to wear if you are petite; heels may well give you the extra height you need to look and feel your best.
    Heels will certainly help elevate a more casual skirt or dress into evening wear. A pointed toe ankle strap heel might put an updated, more refined twist on what could otherwise be quite a bohemian look. Pair your heels and skirt or dress with beautiful, understated jewellery and elegant accessories to round off the look.
  • Tailored trousers
    Tailored trousers cropped at the ankle are the ideal partner for designer ankle strap shoes. Their shape leads the eye directly towards the foot, making your shoes the leading light. Depending on the shoe, they might add a slightly more playful element to business attire or turn a daytime look into nighttime with the right top and accessories.
  • Jeans
    Wearing jeans with any heel is a classic look. Adding a pair of heels to denim instantly makes for a more polished look. The additional height they add will almost certainly create a flattering silhouette, too. If ripped jeans are your style, then heels will turn them into something edgier and more curated. Boyfriend jeans get a feminine twist with some incredible designer heels. Skinny jeans always suit heels and make them the highlight of the outfit.
    If you’re wearing ankle strap heels with jeans, just be sure to show off your whole shoe. Turn up your jeans at the ankle if necessary. There’s no point hiding beautiful handmade shoes under thick denim.
  • Lounge and travel wear
    Heels turn lounge wear from something reserved for home into luxurious casual wear. Team the softest luxury fabrics with ankle strap heels, jewellery and a statement bag. This way, you can catch that flight, run those errands or grab a coffee looking amazing and feeling comfortable. Once again, just be sure not to hide your shoes away under layers of fabric.

How to choose ankle strap heels

The five options above demonstrate just how versatile ankle strap heels are. They can be fun and playful, sophisticated and professional, or elegant and dressy; it just depends on what you decide to team them with. Look for a designer pair in a style and colour you love.

Just remember to choose a pair that you are going to enjoy wearing as much as you like looking at them. They need to be comfortable and incredibly well made using the highest quality materials. This will help you achieve a graceful, polished look for many years to come.


Kristina Fidelskaya is committed to providing an elegant and feminine wardrobe to modern women with real lives and real needs. Timeless collections based around impeccable materials and craftsmanship, each piece is unique, tells a story, and stays with you for a lifetime. Fusing traditional tailoring with modern, contemporary designs, Kristina Fidelskaya creates luxurious understated products.


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