What to Wear to Your Next Wedding

When you have a wedding to attend, you want to be sure that you look and feel your best at all times. The clothes and accessories that you wear, together with the style you go for, will say a lot to other guests. And, as first impressions count, it is important, and it is essential you get your whole look right from the start. When it comes to thinking about what you should wear to your next wedding, where do you start to guarantee you nail the look you want?

The Season or Time of Year

One of the first things you will need to consider is when the wedding is taking place. Your whole outfit and look are going to need to be season and weather appropriate. If you do not look or feel comfortable at the wedding, this will show, and it will ruin the look you are aiming for. So, are you attending a winter wedding, in which case you may want to look at clothing that is made of heavier materials or fabrics? You may even find that a jacket or other type of shawl may be required. When you can establish what kind of temperatures you will be expecting at the wedding location, you can begin putting together a suitable outfit.

The Shoes

One major part of your wedding outfit look is the shoes you wear. Your shoes are one of the first things that other guests will notice. Spice up your look with a pair of designer heels. When you are looking at heels, look at the size heel you want as well as the style. You may find that those autumn or winter weddings require a high lower kitten heel. Or you may find that in summer, you want to wear a flowing outfit, requiring you to wear heels three-plus inches in height. You don’t want to detract attention away from your shoes at a wedding; you want to draw attention. So, think about what style of heel suits you. And think about what you will feel comfortable wearing. After all, you will be wearing your new shoes for a few hours, and you will want to be sure they leave you feeling and looking as fantastic as possible.

Colors and Shades

Not all colors and shades of color are suitable or appropriate to wear to a wedding. Off-white and even some creams are off-limits unless specifically requested by the wedding party. You will find that there are colors that will suit you and others that will simply wash you out. When it comes to choosing colors for your outfit, shoes, and accessories, think again about when the wedding will be held. Try and compliment the time of year, and try to use shades that suit your complexion. In the run-up to a wedding, you may find it beneficial to have a color consultation to be sure that you are using and wearing the right colors.


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