Use Color Psychology to Your Advantage on Your Next Date

As humans, we tend to associate many things with our state of mind. In this regard, color usually associates with our emotional state. For years, color theory has been used to elicit specific emotions — from romantic moods connected with pinks and reds to calming vibes from blues and greens. You can master that art too!

When it comes to making a great first impression, experimenting with colors can help you gain positive results from your date. Check them out, and you’ll succeed on online dating sites like here.

What is Color Psychology?

According to Platt College, color psychology is the study that teaches how to use colors to elicit certain feelings. For example, many restaurants use red to increase appetite so their customers eat more. In its turn, Sterling Style Academy references blue as the best pick for the brand identity, as it projects transparency and confidence.

But how to incorporate all that color psychology into your dating practice? Check our overview below!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Certain Colors

Each color is associated with different feelings, both negative and positive. Know how to play with colors on a day-to-day basis, and implement them in a smart way into your outfit on your next date!


Pros: This color is very popular on dates as it is associated with romantic emotions – love and passion. Wear it to boost your confidence.

Cons: Red can be associated with danger. That’s why it’s used on street signs that indicate some form of hazard.

Solution: If you want to make the color red as the main one in your outfit, better stick to somewhat darker tones. In accent pieces such as accessories and makeup, make sure red is bright and bold.


Pros: Orange is good for making connections. It has strong associations with enthusiasm, health, vitality, and friendliness.

Cons: Some people may feel that the color itself is unflattering.

Solution: Use orange for accenting pieces only, but make sure that they are noticeable.


Pros: Yellow is an attention-grabbing color that will surely make you stand out. It is a cheerful color that has strong associations with the feeling of hope.

Cons: Despite being a relatively cheerful color, yellow is also strongly associated with feelings of danger, deceit, and anger.

Solution: Wear yellow only if the date is happening outside and the weather is nice. You will stand out in a much more cheerful fashion.


Pros: Green is a great choice for a first date as it has strong associations to growth and new beginnings. Your date may feel that you wish for a new beginning and you are capable of growth.

Cons: Green has very strong associations with jealousy and greed. The shade of green you wear could send the completely wrong message to your date.

Solution: People tend to associate darker colors with bad intentions, so keep your greens to medium shades at the darkest.


Pros: When wearing blue, you can be seen as refreshing, responsible, and overall reliable. People also tend to associate blue with peaceful feelings such as serenity and tranquility.

Cons: When blue has gray undertones, it can be seen as a depressing color, filled with sadness that can make you seem distant to others.

Solution: If you wish to have a calm and relaxing date, use soft light blues (such as sky blue or pale blue). For a refreshing and energizing feel, stick to blues that are bright and noticeable (such as bright navy). Stay away from blues that use gray undertones (such as cerulean).


Pros: Wearing purple could leave your date believing that you are imaginative, romantic, and even downright magical. Purple has been long associated with fantasy and creativity.

Cons: From a design aspect, purple has no negative associations. However, you can be associated with some characters (such as Barney the dinosaur).

Solution: Pick your purples wisely. Stay away from certain color combinations such as purple and green.

More Tips
Don’t Combine More than 3 Colors in One Outfit

Playing with color combinations is a fantastic idea – unless you look like a page out of a toddler’s coloring book. Select a max of 3 base colors then play around with the different tones and shades of that color to give yourself a unique and positive look.

Pay Attention to the Event You’re Going to

It’s important to follow the dress code and etiquette for the event. For example, don’t wear white to a wedding if you’re not a bride. So pay attention to the event you are going to and select an outfit appropriate for that event.

Always Pay Attention to the Weather

Colors in your outfit are heavily affected by the weather. For example, if it’s freezing outside and you and your date plan to go skating, you aren’t going to wear that light pink mini dress that you got last summer. Likewise, dark blue sweater is also not the best idea for a Florida beach. Remember that in summer it’s best to go light and in winter it’s best to go dark.

Take Away Note

All in all, colors have been proven to elicit certain feelings in people. Therefore, it is best to use them to our advantage and beware the context and emotions you want to evoke.


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