Tran Hung SS20 LFW Show

Tran Hung SS20 LFW Show

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Born and raised in the North of Vietnam, at a young age Tran Hung made the momentous decision to move to South Vietnam. For him, Saigon with its freedoms was the “promised land” for an artistic soul like him. In the South his career as an innovative fashion designer flourished.

Tran combines innovative design with excellent skills in tailoring. His creations reflect the beauty of Vietnam. This cultural heritage can be clearly seen in his earlier fashion collections “Peaceful Asia’, “Children’s books’, “The Lovers’ and “Ville De Fleurs”.

Tran Hung

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Photos: Simon Armstrong, Theo Pitout, Observascope

Tran Hung does not slavishly follow fashion trends. Instead, he follows his own creative muse. Tran Hung always knows how to make his clients. feel special and unique.

Hung’s collection encompasses general romantic elements of nature with specific elements of nationality. All Tran Hung’s garments are hand-woven with silk. He celebrates the embroidery skills that generations of skilled workers in his native Vietnam have developed. The result is a collection of delicate, translucent fabrics highlighting female curves in a delicate and sensuous way…


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