Todd Patrick, FW22 Collection “Sunday Blues” is an Entrance Ticket into the Club

Todd Patrick, FW22 Collection “Sunday Blues” is an entrance ticket into the club

Desyree Nicole, TODD PATRICK’s creative director, wanted to showcase the spectrum of the brand.

The winter cabin tones, to the pops of yellow in the collection, resembling double yellow lines on a dark road, during a night drive. Her goal was to display what a Todd Patrick club member would wear Sunday night at the venue.

Todd Patrick

The silhouettes transition from the box cut t-shirts, and the double-breasted suits to the fitted leathers, and oversized denims. The collection flows like a great story. Bouncing around from character to character, but the storyline remaining. Cotton, silk, and wool, intertwined with prints, and textured button downs. The tone bleeds through, like emotion throughout the garments.

The brand always dives back into archival decades of fashion and constantly pushes the envelope in taking classic styles and making them modern but timeless. From the fabric choices, to the cuts, “Sunday Blues “aims to be an extension of the story being told by the brand. The voice is to be heard through the clothing.

Todd Patrick effortlessly presents its collections with such a range for any time of the day wear. This allows its box cropped pony hair jackets, cashmere wool coats, and leather pants to do the talking for Fall/Winter 2022.