Things to Consider Before Getting Furniture That Requires Assembly

Things to Consider Before Getting Furniture That Requires Assembly

There are a lot of great reasons to buy your home furniture online, but the fact that much of this furniture arrives requiring at least some minor assembly puts off many consumers from the idea.

But assembling furniture usually isn’t as trying as you might first believe, and you might be surprised at your ability to handle it on your own. Still, there are some things to consider before placing your online furniture order.

Heavy or bulky furniture

Are you underweight restrictions by your doctor? If so, you should be aware that most delivery of online furniture is made only as far as your front door. It is your responsibility to bring the furniture inside, assemble it, and put it in place in the room. Carefully consider whether or not you think you can handle that alone, or if you need to ask for assistance. Some furniture, like long couches, requires two people to move in any case.

Tools and ability

While most furniture you buy online requires only minor assembly, there are some pieces that might require a bit more. Still, furniture manufacturers try very hard to make their furniture easy to assemble with a basic home tool kit. But if you don’t own basic tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, or a small hammer, you might not be prepared to put the furniture together.

In addition, not everyone is a handyman. Some people simply don’t handle hands-on projects successfully. Others are simply not in physical condition to handle assembly and placement on their own. Even if you have the physical ability, it might take you much longer than another person that has more experience to assemble and place the furniture.

Hiring an assembly service

Even if you are capable of assembling the furniture but just don’t want it to take the time to do so, hiring an assembly service is a good solution. It is also a good idea to hire an assembly service if you want to save on your furniture but need help with assembly and placement.

So many people order furniture online these days that there are handymen offering the specific service of assembling furniture that arrives in pieces. Paying for these services carries a minimal cost when compared to the savings you’ll still be getting by shopping for furniture online.

But you don’t necessarily have to pay high dollars for such a service. Your local handyman will be able to handle such tasks, and if you support a local business or sole entrepreneur you can also feel good emotionally while getting the service you need. You can also hire people who do odd jobs, which can be done using Facebook or other social media networking, or those who use platforms like TaskRabbit. The average cost of furniture assembly is around $150.

It still pays to order online

Ordering online still has many benefits that make assembly seem a minor price to pay. Online furniture stores have the widest selections at the lowest prices. You can get trending styles without breaking the bank, but more importantly, you’ll be able to get your entire home’s furniture and decor in one place.

Even if you hire an assembly service to put your furniture together and move it into place, you’re still going to save money over buying your new home furniture at your local retailer. Buying furniture online saves you money by:

  • Giving daily discounts on clearance, overstock, or sale events
  • Providing discounts when you purchase an entire collection
  • Offering free delivery on almost every order

All three of these benefits will save you more money than it will cost to hire an assembly service. The average savings buying furniture online can be hundreds, far more than the cost of hiring an assembly service. If you need additional savings, you can also use coupon codes for home furniture on 1SB:


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