The Colors of Russian Art Dictating Contemporary Fashion

The Colors of Russian Art Dictating Contemporary Fashion

Sustainability” and “Internationalization” are the key themes of Milan Fashion Week 2019 in a frenetic and lively city of Milan, where, among busy streets, colorful characters and models getting lost in search of their casting location circulate, amidst fantastic installations for the great Milan Fashion Week event that turns the city into a great container of ideas. With a calendar that includes 58 fashion shows, 110 presentations and 54 events for a total of 170 collections, this season’s fashion week is supported by a maxi screen in Piazza San Babila solely dedicated to streaming shows.

And among all the cool events, suddenly – fashion from the East at Fashion Vibes, a Runway Show, a travel in Italy and Europe, Art and Internationalization, combined together in a perfect marriage. Created by Juliia Palchykova, formidable Russian cool hunter, skillful and farsighted to give to events she organizes a modern fashion perspective – by combining craftsmanship and high fashion, interpreting with taste the most refined solutions, where technology and art embrace, in an innovative, shiny and multifaceted, magnetic and creative way.

Oksana Kosareva

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A glamorous parade of clothes designed to last are those of Oksana Kosareva – a clean, linear, almost ascetic, an innovative brand that sees her visionary, full of meanings and inventions, perhaps even dreams.

Sfilata by Pavel

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Following up is the Daria Fedunova line designed by Daria Fedunova, full of allusions and colors. The designer gives some indications, mixing the graphics with the floral motifs, integrating in the design the references to the works of the artists of Art Deco, Russian ballet and the great abstract artists and innovators of the last century. The image of the collection is inspired by the protagonists of the Art Comedy, giving its garments the task of creating a dialogue between body and dress, using exciting tools of its creativity.

Sfilata Darya Fedunova

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A wise madness, that of Pavel Paris, a very young, visionary brand, which offers the easy chic casual sweatshirt as a cool object for the outfits without sacrificing comfort, class, glamor. Those are glamorous outfits rich with writings, floral motifs and prints in a crazy and amusing kaleidoscope of colors.

Sfilata Natalya Dianova

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The SS 2020 Collection of the Dianova Natalya Brand, designed by Dianova Natalya, is also on show with a collection created in the sporty chic style, favoring the encounter of beauty with comfort and functionality, with bold contrasting thread details, strips of waterproof fabric, printed inserts, rivets, shoulder straps, selvedge, accessories that have the character of a heroine fresh from an 80s movie.

Sfilata Valiosa

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Finally, Valiosa, by designer Svetlana Pereyaslavtseva, a collection for a woman of our times, over-engaged, but always perfect, with style, in her many work commitments, who wears easy chic dresses made of natural fabrics, bomber double-face jackets personalized by details, with high quality in the execution of a collection created at her own factory in Moscow.

Fashion Vibes, an intelligent project, that of the organizer Yuliia Palchykova, is the right orientation of this small pool of companies coming from the East that present themselves at Milan Fashion Week, a small handful of very young, skilled and creative stylists, gifted, with production rooted in Russia, to redefine a femininity made of subtle glamor, emphasized by skillful cuts, details made of style, natural fabrics, rigor, details that lead to a new, unpublished tailoring to be discovered… from Russia with style!


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