The Best Way to Wear a Mullet Haircut for Men

The Best Way to Wear a Mullet Haircut for Men

A mullet haircut is a type of hairstyle that is characterized by short hair on the front and side of the head and long hair at the back. Some even call it the hairstyle with business at the front and party at the back.

Mullets were popular in the old times but have made a comeback with a few upgrades and modernizations.

This hairstyle looks like a rat tail making it quite similar to a Mohawk haircut. There are however very many ways to style a mullet like pairing it with a fade or an undercut. All these styles create a perfect mullet haircut provided the hair at the top of the head is shorter than the hair at the back.

1. How To Make a Mullet Haircut

The first step of making the mullet hairstyle is ensuring that your hair is of the required length. This is because there is a minimum length of hair that is required for the mullet hairstyle to turn out perfectly. Settle on the length that you want for the hair at the back of the head. The standard length of the hair at the back is one that reaches just above the neck area.

Cut the hair at the top of the head to be the same length as the hair on the sides. Balance the hair length at the front and back such that they blend in perfectly.

2. Styling a Mullet Haircut

Firstly, comb the hair on the sides of the head towards the front or back according to how you like it. After you are comfortable with how the hair looks, you can proceed to lay the hair on the sides. Use gel or your preferable hair oil to gently mold the hair to the style that you want.

Comb the hair at the back of your head and apply the gel on it to attain the style that you desire. You can choose to make the ends spiky for a more outstanding and highlighted look of your mullet haircut.

The following are some of the trendiest ways of styling a mullet haircut;

  • Canadian Passport – Just like the name suggests, this styling is inspired by Canadians. It is a combination of haste and clippers. The hair is combed such that it gives a shaggy finish. The sides are usually faded and the edges are left spiky.
  • Batty Bishop – This way of styling a mullet haircut is characterized by a molded rat tail and a religious cross symbol is made on the faded side of the head. This allows you to rock your favorite hairstyle at the same time while showing pride in your faith.
  • Natural Mullet – This is the simplest way to rock your mullet. You just let your hair grow while trimming the front and sides until it takes the shape of a mullet. A natural mullet is the easiest style of a mullet to maintain as no gel is required to style it.
  • Mullet With Spikes – If you love to stand out then try rocking your mullet haircut with spikes. Use gel to gently rub the top of your hair so that it makes spikes. Allow the hair at the back to remain natural and then shave the hair on the sides of the head.
  • Rat’s Nest – While many mullet haircuts are characterized by the rat tail, this way of styling a mullet creates a rat’s nest at the top. Gently rub your hair using gel in circular motions until it forms a bushy shape at the top. Allow the hair at the back to rest naturally.
  • Slicked Back Mullet – This style is achieved using a pomade that helps to slick the hair before it is combed and styled. Faded sides allow the slicked area to stand out because it highlights it. This is the best way to style a mullet haircut for formal events. This is because the style is very neat and gives anyone that wears it a very sharp look.


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