The Best Designer Apple Watch Bands for Every Occasion

An Apple Watch is not only convenient, but it’ll also help the person wearing it prioritize health more easily. Apple Watches are used as an extension of a phone or as a step counter, helping the wearer keep their body fit and healthy.

Still, it might not fit every occasion, especially if users are one to match all accessories and clothes being worn. There’s a solution to every problem, but first, it’s important to know about some of these designers’ Apple Watch bands.

The best designer Apple Watch band

These Apple Watch band designers made it possible for their product to work as well as the original Apple Watch band, prioritizing style and the functionality in one purchase.

Leather bands

For those looking for Apple Watch leather bands, one of the top choices is Apple’s Modern Buckle. Its strength and stretch resistance fit many models, so that you can use them for the 41mm Apple 7 Watch bands or the 8 series watch. For a unique design, La Californienne offers its B&W Striped Leather band with a luxurious look.

Luxury bands

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend, and Lagos knows well to make its Two-Tone Pave Diamond Bracelet for Apple Watch. It’s luxurious and compatible with all Apple Watch series from one to eight.

Metal bands

If you want a metal Apple Watch band, check out Shinola Stainless Steel Bracelet. For a more casual and affordable option, there’s Kades Metal Link Bracelet which can be adjusted in size.

Magnetic bands

Sometimes we are in a hurry and there’s no time to fiddle with watch bands. These Magnetic Apple Watch bands are easy to attach, even though sometimes they might stick to other metals.

The best choices for magnetic bands are Apple’s Milanese Loop band. The color choices are great for a luxurious look, but they also work great for any type of casual event. Epuly Stainless Steel Mesh Loop is also gorgeous for a semi-vintage look, if that’s the vibe you’re after.

Bottom line

Apple is aware that some users want to match their watches with various attires for any occasion, so there are nowadays many solutions for bands to fit any style. With some of the best Apple Watch bands recommendations above, hopefully, it’s easier to improve your watch look and personal style.


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