Sustainability Celebrated at Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni

Sì Sposaitalia Award Given to Robert Cavalli

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Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni — the special fashion-show presenting the capsule collections of major wedding and ceremony designers — took place on Friday, April 5th at Fiera Milano. Protagonists of this edition were young designers dedicated to sustainability. The stars of the runway were Robert Cavalli — who during the show received the Sì Sposaitalia Award — and the new couples of this edition: Bellantuono and Efisio Marras, Elisabetta Polignano and Italdenim with their eco-friendly capsule collection, Maria Pia and Davide Grillo, Musani Couture and Gian Carlo Pollastri.

Roberto Cavalli proposed a Wedding Star with creations that conveyed a sense of drama, dressing gowns made of satin, velvet or silk, glossy colours and the choice of white. Sixteen important celebratory looks with proudly flowing and gliding lines that hint almost to Renaissance for attention to detail. After all, he is always keen to emphasize that his signature is not so far off from the wedding mood and that of ceremony outfits for guests.

Sì Sposaitalia Award given to Robert Cavalli

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A celebration of the best made in Italy tailoring is offered by Elisabetta Polignano in collaboration with Italdenim, the leading Italian manufacturer of sustainable denim. They have teamed up to present the Denim Couture Eco Capsule Collection. The haute couturier accepted the stimulating challenge and is showcasing six dresses with a sophisticated yet unconventional urban style. It is an eclectic capsule collection that springs from the unusual marriage of an informal fabric, such as denim, with sacredness of the fabrics and typical shapes of wedding and ceremony gowns.

The second collaboration between Bellantuono and Efisio Rocco Marras re-interprets the ceremony look in punk perspective. Six unique gowns which play on strong contrasts and bold silhouettes. The colours clash. Fuchsia and black meet and overlap on tulle, embroidery, ruffles and bows. Volumes are exaggerated and lengths range from very short to super-oversized. The collection references the contemporary world. Today’s princesses no longer want to be saved by their prince charming and the fairy-tale is more reminiscent of the raw and realistic imagery of the Grimm Brothers than that of Disney cartoons.

Maria Pia meets the creativity of David Grillo for “Amore e Psiche”, a capsule collection dedicated to the ceremony world with emotions which take us back to a bygone world to rediscover the great romantic myth of Eros and Psyche. The story takes shape through impalpable voile depicting the clouds of Olympus in which a charming cupid twirls. The delicate, crispy and sculpted taffeta and the precious point d’esprit cotton tulle hint to the dots used by Canova to trace the drafts for its large sculptures inspired by classical beauty and timeless love.

Musani Couture has reconfirmed its presence and teamed up with the creativity of Gian Carlo Pollastri. The liaison resulted in a capsule collection dedicated to spirited and sexy women who love wearing special and precious outfits. The gowns designed for the big day are inspired by the Oscar red carpet for sophisticated and modern women. Theme of the collaboration is the focus on high quality, the choice of fabrics, colours and prints and especially on the ability to strike and excite, which has been the secret of the Maison that is the byword of style, sophistication and elegance for over 100 years.

The catwalk of Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni was the prestigious stage also for the second Sì Sposaitalia Award, that last year was given to Mrs. Anna Molinari, founder and creative director of Blumarine, and that this year, under the creative and directive direction of Giusi Ferré, was given to Robert Cavalli “because he knew how to turn his project of a high male prêt-à-porter line in a constant style research. A new kind of dandy which rethinks, with artistic shapes, the London underground and streetwear, observed during his studies at London School of Arts”. Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni gets more and more rich and articulated, the event launched by Simona Greco, Fiera Milano Group Exhibitions Director, representing the main event of Milano Bridal Week taking on the runway the most innovative bridal and ceremony collections. Heart of the project are style and savoir faire, declined according to Italian manufacturing and business excellence which is characteristic of Italian fashion. Creativity was underlined by the new generation of designers by giving the Sì White Carpet Award to Robert cavalla, the young designer, founder of the label Triple RRR.


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