Surya & The Moon: Bridging Tradition and Innovation in Jewelry

In the realm of jewelry, where heritage meets modernity, there exists a space illuminated by the eternal dance of the sun and the moon. Surya, representing constancy and tradition, and the Moon, embodying evolution and creativity, converge to form an exquisite collection that transcends time and trends.

Surya and The Moon meticulously source the finest gems, stones, and metals, prioritizing both class and rarity. Collaborating with artisans who embody generations of expertise, they honor tradition while embracing innovation. Each piece tells a story, bridging the past with the present and carrying the essence of its wearer into the future.

In partnership with renowned designer Keren Craig, their latest collection made its debut at New York Fashion Week, enhancing the Nidra Devi 2024 Fall/Winter Collection. Inspired by Trompe L’oeil techniques and frayed organza, Surya and The Moon pieces exude a playful elegance that transcends boundaries.

Photos: Richard Israel

Featuring their signature SURYA earrings adorned with tassels, pearls, and onyx, set in white sapphires and black diamonds, this collection celebrates movement and spirit. Each piece showcases exquisite Indian craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, offering a fusion of tradition and innovation that speaks to the modern wearer.

Inspired by the Sanskrit word for sun, Surya embodies the enduring light that guides their heritage collection. Rooted in tradition, these pieces evoke timeless elegance, allowing wearers to journey through cherished memories and cultural narratives. Like the seven rays of Surya leading to nirvana, each creation in this collection represents a facet of life’s journey, ready to be treasured across generations.

Conversely, the Moon symbolizes evolution and change, reflected in their featured and custom collections. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, their designs shift in color, shape, and texture. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the unique character of each gem, these pieces are a celebration of individuality and the ever-changing beauty of life.

The Surya and The Moon collections can be found at select retailers who share their passion for quality and craftsmanship. This includes the Kirna Zabête East Hampton location, where year-round fashion meets seaside charm; KZ’s Palm Beach location, nestled in the heart of luxury at Royal Poinciana Plaza and the Greenwich St. Jewelers, a family-owned business with over 40 years of history in Downtown Manhattan.

At Surya & The Moon, they invite you to explore the interplay of tradition and innovation, where jewelry becomes a vessel for life’s greatest experiences. Join Surya and The Moon on a journey of self-expression and timeless beauty, as they illuminate the path ahead, guided by the eternal cycle of the sun and the moon.

Photos: Richard Israel


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