Stylish Advice For Buying Fashion Online

As remote working, video conferencing, and home deliveries have become more commonplace than ever, it’s not hard to see why an increasing number of people have considered online alternatives to their regular shopping habits.

Yet when it comes to shopping for fashion online, it may seem that you’re at a disadvantage. After all, until we’re in the days where a garment can be purchased and perfectly 3D-printed right at your desktop, trying on clothes, seeing the fabric quality and fit up close will be a necessary option.

Buying fashion online is a real hurdle to get over for some, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be your main outlet. For smaller items, bespoke purchases or even fun accessories that you plan to wear for a while, you may be comfortable with online purchases. But what about purchasing more expensive or larger items?

We already have a great guide to buying fine jewelry online, and with authentic outlets like an Official Rolex Jeweler, you’ll be in the right place to win:

Measure Yourself In Advance

It’s good to measure yourself in advance so that when you purchase garments online, you don’t have to worry about them not fitting you. Of course, the truth is that not every designer or manufacturer (especially if buying overseas) will use consistent sizing labels. This can often be a problem, as a ‘large’ with one store may be a ‘medium’ with another, and sometimes the more diminutive sizing categories in women’s clothing can cause issue.

This is why it’s good to see in advance what sizing requirements they use, and if the specifications of each garment are available so you get a similar idea. For some, ordering two items and returning one for a full refund can help them ensure at least one purchase will be fitted, but finding a store you can trusted to be sized well will also make the home ordering process much easier to deal with.

Check Out The Online Reviews

It’s also good to check out the online reviews as and when you can, because they genuinely do make a big difference. Of course, some just hit the ‘star rating’ section and won’t leave a message, but others do, and sometimes in detail.

If those reviews aren’t hosted on the website you’re buying from, then you may be able to find a ‘fashion try on haul’ on YouTube for specific outlets, and this can give you a good idea of what the clothes look like when worn by an actual human person instead of a digital mannequin. You may even be able to ask these people questions about certain items and how they felt about them.
Sure, you don’t have to undergo this investigative work every single time you wish to purchase a simple garment, but it’s certainly a good tool to help you make promising purchases.

Consider The Returns Policy

Of course, the returns policy will always ensure that you have some leeway should a garment not really seem suitable to your needs. However – it’s important to note how to properly open and manage your orders so that these returns are worthwhile.

First of all, make sure that you don’t wear underwear you plan to return – or wearing it over your clothes for hygiene sake can be important if you wish to check sizing. This is clearly a worthwhile approach to hygiene. Second, you may also cut into bags carefully and learn to reseal them properly with tape and staples, so that you can return items in as close to the store-bought condition as possible.

On top of that, use stores with worthwhile returns policies, such as those which give you two weeks or a month to do so. It will help you avoid feeling taken advantage of.

Plan For Shipping

It’s also essential to consider shipping and what that may mean. If you have an important event coming up, you may wish to order the outfit two weeks in advance, especially if it’s from a new store, so that any postage hold-ups or issues with the delivery can be pre-empted.

When you know how a company sends their clothes – perhaps through a reputable third party logistics firm, you can feel more trusting in ordering closer to the date. On top of that, you may also use providers that will email you about stock renewals should you need them, which many online outlets are starting to see the value in.

Risk A Niche Store From Time To Time

The internet is large, a digital wild west, and a great way to find products that seem a little weird or niche. So – don’t be afraid to implement some of your own niche tastes from time to time if they make you smile – from goth jewelry to printed t-shirts with fun unique designs on them.

A niche store might even be worth the risk, or purchasing merchandise from your favorite content creator can also be a fun addition to your wardrobe. Remember, you’re not passing a test here, but shopping for yourself, and so making a ‘bookmarked’ folder in your internet browser filled with strange fashion sites you’ve picked up on certain taste-making fashion forums could be a wonderful idea. If you enjoy posting your outfits on social media, this can add some fuel to your content.

Online Thrifting & Auctions Can Be Fun, Too

You’d be surprised just fun online thrifting and shopping can be – with sites like DePop and eBay you may come across some excellent deals in retro fashion and find retailers, serving as fashionable individuals, you are happy to buy from.

Perhaps you can even look at this from the other vantage point and implement a seller profile, so that when the next time comes to raise funds for your wardrobe, you have all of that budget squared away and in alliance with that extra space in your wardrobe.

With this advice, you’re certain to become more comfortable in buying fashion online, and doing so with a sense of real enjoyment.