Rêveries Enivrées Lysandre G.L SS20 Paris Fashion Week

Rêveries Enivrées Lysandre G.L SS20

For Spring/Summer collection 2020, LYSANDRE G. L plunges us into a multifaceted dreamworld. It is a voyage that spans three different universes, each one telling their own tale.

The collection opens with lunar silhouettes, highlights of cold colour with metallic finishes to announce the reverie. Brighter and warmer hues then follow, marking the duality between day and night. Garments worked with transparent materials and superposed fabrics evoke an ethereal lightness of dreams themselves.

Rêveries Enivrées Lysandre G.L SS20

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Beading and sequins – LYSANDRE G. L’s signature identity – are used to enhance the noble materials and floaty dresses.

LYSANDRE G. L will presente a collection of embroidery bags – Fantasy Clutch 106 – illustrated by the designer and mixing the European and Chinese cultures, both so dear to her heart.

For this collection, LYSANDRE G. L collaborated with painter Danhôo to create five models of exclusive handbags – Matchbox.

Chow Tai Fook’s jewellery collection with a feather theme marries itself perfectly with the aerial universe of the collection.

LYSANDRE G. L is a Parisian brand created in 2016 by M. G. Lenoir, of Studio Berçot, had for many years collaborated with Olympia Le Tan before creating her own line.

LYSANDRE G. L mixes modernity with tradition, the designer’s technical knowledge is always valorised by the creative cuts and symbolic use of colour in each collection.

LYSANDRE G. L plays the role of storyteller throughout each of their collections, whether it is clothing or bags, each piece is a fragment of this created universe, a part of the ever noteworthy “prêt-à-couture” vehicle that carries the collections.


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