NYFW Recap: Anthony Rubio – Dogs In High Fashion Take Over Fashion Week

NYFW Recap: Anthony Rubio – Dogs In High Fashion Take Over Fashion Week

“In My World, The Humans Are The Accessories”

Making history by presenting for the first time ever an actual Cat (https://www.instagram.com/sunglasscat/) on the Catwalk of any fashion week. So why has no one thought to do this before?

Anthony Rubio was the first to present canines as models and not as accessories in any Fashion Week starting in New York. He designs and presents women’s wear and men’s accessories designed to coordinate with the creations for the canine models. Together they present a fashion show like no other.

Anthony Rubio

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The theme for this show was a celebration of life bringing back the fashions for cocktail hour, formal wear for just partying. There was much gold, silver, shades of blue and all with a touch of opulence.

Anthony wants to bring to his audience that feel good experience while reminding them that dogs and cats are man’s and woman’s best friends.

Mr.Rubio always promises and delivers a joyful and almost theatrical experience creating garments that exude joy and excellence using the finest fabrics and embellishments bordering on human couture but actually presenting authentic and collectible one of a kind couture creations for pets.

Every season, Anthony Rubio partners up with animal shelters and animal organizations to include dogs that are up for adoption in his show. Canine Models included dogs from shelters, rescue groups, clients and social media influencers.

From Anthony Rubio:

With all that we have had to endure in the recent past I felt that we need to bring back a sense of dressing up and celebrating as we used to. Enough with the lounging streetwear which out of necessity took over the industry. I love comfortable clothes to do my work, shopping and chores but I like to have that separate time of cleaning up, and dressing for gatherings. I love to see people dressed to impress.

We are living in a time where we are communicating via the internet and gradually bringing back get togethers. We are venturing out to the theater and to restaurants. We are now taking pictures of ourselves with family members including our pets to send out on the internet and impress the world. For this I was compelled to design and present a new line of clothes that show some flare, some polish and in some cases some fun.

I used a lot of sequined fabrics to bring a little glitter. I chose to incorporate metallic textiles in gold and silver but also used black white, grey and royal blue. I created cocktail dresses and gowns for the women.

For the dogs it was all about dressing to the K9’s for them to put their best paw forward. I also brought in metallics in the use of sequins and gems stones. There were magical manifestations of tuxedos for the males and ball gowns for the girls all designed with comfort for their needs

The show stopping moment was my introduction of the first ever cat as a model on the catwalk. Instagram famous and fashion influencer Sunglasses Cat flew in from the West Coast just to make her catwalk debut modeling her favorite designer Anthony Rubio Designs. Her dress featured floral embroidery of gold and silver and lavender on grey chiffon.

It was the “FEEL GOOD SHOW’. Everyone in attendance walks out feeling joy and love of man’s best friend which are usually forgotten, neglected and at times heartlessly discarded.

I opened my show displaying the message on the big screen stating Adopt Don’t Shop to bring attention to the fact that too many cats and dogs are abandoned and need loving homes.


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