Nursery Decorating Ideas Your Baby Would Love

Nursery Decorating Ideas Your Baby Would Love

Decorating your baby’s nursery is such a fun experience. From the moment you know you’re carrying your child, you begin to think of myriad decorating ideas you can apply to your baby’s room.

Unleash your inner designer and have fun renovating, painting, and dressing up your little one’s nursery to make it look unique and welcoming for them. Doing some retouches to your toddler’s room will also make them feel happy and special. On that note, here are a few tips and tricks that will inspire you to design a beautiful nursery, so read on.

Pick a Fun Theme

Your best option to personalize your kid’s room and make it unique is to choose an amusing theme that will make your baby feel happier and more connected to their room. Before you choose a theme though, you need to put a few things into consideration like the layout of the room, its dimensions, and if another child shares the room. Many people prefer choosing a blue theme for their boys and a pink one for their girls, which is cute and well-liked. Others like to go wilder by filling the room with crazy colors and vibrant sketches to make the space more enjoyable for children. If your toddler has a specific favorite cartoon character, why not make it the theme of their room? Your toddler will always be thrilled every time they walk in there.

Invest in Personalized Bedding

What’s more fun to a child than sleeping with their favorite Disney princess or superhero wrapped around them? If you decide to apply a cartoon theme, you should accompany it with cool bedding that will give a more dandy look to the room. You can be more creative and have your baby’s pictures printed on their bedding, say, a picture of them every month in their first year is usually the cutest and most adorable to look at! Add throw pillows around the room and design them how you want, as suggested by the gurus at Vision Bedding, to make the room look more cozy and personalized. In addition, you can add some retouches to the curtains as well and match them with your baby’s crib bedding for a harmonized demeanor.

Arrange The Baby’s Closet

Remember all the tiny cute jumpsuits and onesies you bought for your newborn? These will probably be worn once or twice since their bodies grow in a flash and these clothes won’t fit anymore. Therefore, you should not overflow their closet with tons of clothes and buy two or three onesies tops at a time. You probably know that beforehand but you will still go baby shopping and buy a dozen sleepsuits. If that’s the case, you will need to organize your toddler’s closet to facilitate things a bit for you. Separate the clothes using closet dividers and sort them by size. Preferably, keep the ones your baby uses currently in the front and keep the others in the back until they fit. Label the dividers with your little one’s age: write 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 on the labels, and make sure you arrange the clothes in the same order. You can find these dividers in most baby stores or, if you like, do them yourself by watching online DIY videos.

Create a Diaper Area

Many moms choose to change their kids’ diapers on their beds or cribs, which is kind of exhausting and unhygienic. There needs to be a diaper station in the room, where you place diapers, rash creams, wipes, and sanitizers. Invest in a durable yet stylish changing table. If you don’t want to buy one because you’re on a budget or want to be more creative, you can use any cart at your home and turn it into a DIY project. Bought or made, this diaper station will be an excellent place to store everything that you will possibly use when it’s time to change diapers. You will change diapers a lot, especially in the beginning, so you need to arrange the products you will use tidily. Some innovative parents also use dressers as changing tables instead of buying one. You can do the same and style it how you want; add family pictures on top of it to provide a cozy familial feel to the room.
The first thing that comes to your mind when you’re having a baby is how to design their nursery. Even though decorating and styling your baby’s room is enjoyable, it can also be tiresome and overwhelming. Therefore, we prepared this guide for you to help you with your renovating journey. So have fun, and enjoy the process.


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