New York Couture House Videmus Omnia Releases Debut Ready-to-Wear

New York Couture House Videmus Omnia Releases their debut Ready-to-Wear Collection Inspired by the Parisian Années Folles

Music and fashion have been closely intertwined for most of the 20th and 21st centuries. The grunge stylings of the 1990s are forever synonymous with the music of Nirvana whilst the flapper dresses of 1920’s New York evoke a vibrant vision of a live Jazz band.

These powerful connections between clothing and music form the basis for the designs of Videmus Omnia (We see everything) by designer Yun Qu. This is especially true of her latest AW2021 collection “The Wanderer”.

Videmus Omnia

Yun Qu’s passion for fashion is matched only by her enduring love of music. A trained musician, she plays piano, electric guitar and drums, and whilst in High School played in a rock band. While her earlier AW2019 collection, “Enigma”, explored the music and fashion possibilities of a 21st century grunge, her AW2021 collection sets it sights on the interwar Parisian jazz scene. Considering the fusion of music and fashion Yun reimagines the expressive, elegant a bold outfits worn by the Parisian women of the Années Folles.

AW2021 sets it sights on the interwar Parisian jazz scene

Women like dancer Josephine Baker, who would spend her days drinking coffee in Montmartre, and her nights dancing at the Folies-Bergere. Yun captures the sense of movement and emotion evoked by jazz; from the up-tempo heart thumping thrills to the low-tempo graceful sway. Using metallic colours, exaggerated sleeves, fringing and frills, Yun has created pieces that evoke the artistry and sculptural elegance of the period whilst feeling thoroughly modern. Puff sleeves, patterned knitwear, bows, polka dots and harlequin prints are all drawn into the maelstrom of Yun’s reimagined Parisian Jazz scene.

A deconstructed black multi-ruffle dress grants the wearer the musical sensuality of the era, while a knitted dress underscores the feminine freedoms rediscovered in the 1920s. Yun’s expansive silhouettes are matched only by her broad palette of textures and materials. Coloured metallics mirror the Parisian avant-garde’s fascination with the machine age, exaggerated frills conjure a vision of the bustling cabaret and knitwear reinforces the era’s shift away from restrictive corsets and unruly crinolines.

Yun captures the essence and spirit of the Années Folles when women began to discover the path to political, economic and sexual liberation. Reimagining the golden age of style and grace in and the dawn of the modern era of female liberation, she distills a moment in history pregnant with possibility into an exciting and beautiful collection that empowers the 21st century wearer.

An advocate for slow fashion items made with care and love, Yun’s AW2021 collection embrace classic construction techniques that produce beautiful, long lasting apparel. The classic and timeless designs, produced with the finest quality materials engage with the movement for clothing that translates across multiple seasons.


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