Moohong FW20 Collection

Moohong FW20 Collection

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Moohong FW20 collection’s ambition is to challenge our per- ception of the ordinary, to showcase the unnoticed, to enhance the raw, and to highlight the unseen.

By using conceptual techniques such as deconstruction, laye- ring and play with proportions Moohong educates the eye to approach the conventional in an intellectual way. The trench coat, the denim fabrics and formal tailoring are twisted in order to create a contrast between the familiarity of the refe- rences and the complexity of the execution.


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What’s ignored is glorified. What’s everyday is uncommon.

Moohong was launched in 2014 with an inter-subjective ex- perimentation to create an ideological project using fashion art as an artistic and social way of expression.

Moohong is not only a fashion label but a global ideological project that is communicating through fashion art and social science to construct a particular way of mental frame work in both artistic and theoretical ways.

Moohong’s basic design concept is “counter-intuitive” creation that is looking for a third way of fashion aesthetic. Moohong’s collection is well known for experimental silhouettes and cuttings in minimalist ways.

Its men and women collections are widely exhibited in Paris, NewYork and Seoul. Moohong’s collection is stored in L’Eclaireur in Paris, Antonioli in Milan and H.Lorenzo in L.A etc.


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