MOFT and TOMBOGO Reunite for New Collaboration and Paris Fashion Week Debut, Celebrating Functional Fashion

MOFT is set to make its first-ever statement alongside TOMBOGO, an avant-garde experiential learning outlet led by the visionary designer Tommy Bogo, during Paris Fashion Week. Together, they will captivate audiences at Paris Fashion Week with a groundbreaking runway showcase, unveiling and launching their collaborative creations that push the boundaries of creativity and functionality.

The partnership between MOFT and TOMBOGO was forged through a shared vision in the cutting-edge spirit of innovation and breakthroughs of the Bay Area. Tombogo’s “Functional Fashion” design principle aligns with MOFT’s commitment to “Practical Aesthetics,” creating a seamless synergy between the brands. This shared ideology became evident during their first collaboration at New York Fashion Week, where Tommy Bogo discovered his admiration for MOFT’s innovative approach to versatile designs.

Tombogo X Moft

After their first collaboration, both brands recognized the need for further innovation and evolution. TOMBOGO initiated a rebranding process titled “The Future is Bright,” which reflects its commitment to luxury goods, elevated materials, and refined designs. Similarly, MOFT embraced a new chapter of its own by expanding its audience to the creative community at large. This expansion is to propel the future lifestyle of “work and create anywhere” through the provision of groundbreaking solutions that cater to the evolving needs of this dynamic group.

MOFT’s agile work philosophy is centered around the concept that time and space should no longer limit individuals, but rather be adaptable based on goals and work content. This philosophy allows individuals to maintain their work habits and foster effective innovation despite changing environments, achieving a balance between work and life demands. MOFT takes a pioneering role in shaping this future, advocating for a mobile working lifestyle and offering cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend form and function.

Inspired by the initial encounter, renewed focus, and shared determination, MOFT and TOMBOGO have reunited to create products that surpass expectations and challenge the status quo of functional fashion. This collaboration not only showcases their shared design principles but also highlights the evolution and breakthroughs each brand has made within their respective industries, bridging the gap between fashion and technology. By collaborating with TOMBOGO, MOFT aims to deliver even more innovative and versatile designs that empower individuals to express their unique styles while embracing practicality.

The TOMBOGO x MOFT Collaboration is dedicated to creating functional products for creators on the go. TOMBOGO, a one-man brand led by designer Tommy Bogo, understands the importance of practicality in his busy lifestyle and sought out solutions to support his daily endeavors. In this collaboration, Bogo introduces a unique addition to MOFT’s cases—a built-in ruler. This feature enhances MOFT’s functionality, allowing Bogo to have a measuring device at his fingertips whether he’s in the office, in a meeting, or preparing for his Fashion Week show in Paris.

As part of this exciting collaboration, MOFT will showcase its joint creations with Tommy Bogo during TOMBOGO’s new collection at Paris Fashion Week. Dubbed “The Future is Bright,” the collaborative line includes the Phone Kit, Laptop Sleeve, etc, all of which feature TOMBOGO’s new logo and silver colorway. The selection of products was carefully considered, focusing on
the two essential creative tools for Apple users, namely the computer and the phone.

The Invisible Stand Laptop Sleeve is designed to quickly transition from a MacBook accessory during creative work to a protective accessory during non-creative moments. The Dynamic Series Phone Kit is designed to provide quick angle support for iPhones, allowing users to effortlessly switch between practical functionality and fashionable accessories while on the move. It also enables the extraction of essential cards during crucial commuting moments. These products seamlessly blend practicality and style, embodying the essence of both brands’ commitment to functional and impactful fashion.

The MOFT X TOMBOGO collaboration represents an alliance between two industry-leading brands driven by a pioneering spirit. With roots in the Bay Area, our shared values breaking through conventions and forging our own path unite us, while functional aesthetics serve as our common language. As a creator and marketer myself, who fully embraces flexible on-the-go work, we have a goal-oriented approach to future work. We provide solutions that allow people to move freely, to switch focus easily, and to be uplifted by their work no matter where they are. The Future is Bright collection embodies the interpretation of both our brands towards the future.” – Julianna He, the Founder and CEO of MOFT

The MOFT X TOMBOGO collaboration exemplifies the spirit of exploration and innovation. It shows MOFT’s vision and dedication to its new chapter and invites fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals to engage in a meaningful dialogue about the future of fashion. The MOFT X TOMBOGO collection will officially launch in July and will be available for pre-order on and

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About MOFT

MOFT is a work lifestyle brand that specializes in designing distinctive and innovative tech accessories, enabling creators to work effortlessly and move around with ease, no matter where they are, all while prioritizing comfort. Our primary objective is to help individuals carry less and live more!

Inspired by the exquisite art of papercraft and guided by the principles of Invisible Design philosophy, MOFT’s portable stands for laptops, tablets, and phones seamlessly blend into your workspace, making them almost imperceptible. Crafted using soft vegan leather and recycled fiberglass, these stands are exceptionally lightweight yet remarkably durable, ensuring solid and secure support for your devices.

MOFT has received numerous accolades, including multiple international design awards and rave reviews from top media outlets. Our products have been chosen for prestigious gifting programs such as the flagship TED Talks and are proudly featured in museum stores like the MoMA. As a brand, MOFT embodies a commitment to enhancing productivity and mobility through ingenious design, making them a trusted choice for discerning creators and professionals alike.


TOMBOGO™ is a ready-to-wear fashion brand helmed by 28-year-old designer Tommy Bogo. The brand’s signature focus is innovative, functional, and sustainable pieces made using experimental design techniques. Since the brand’s formal start in 2020, TOMBOGO’s products have expanded into intricate and technical apparel and goods with a range of multifunctional trousers, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, and bags.

With a commitment to sustainability, community, and thinking outside of the box, TOMBOGO’s products are designed with the intention to spur dialogue about function, form, and the environment, and to inspire the next generation of artists and creatives.

TOMBOGO™ has shown at New York Fashion Week as part of IMG’s NYFW: The Shows & CFDA’s official fashion week program for four seasons now, and has amassed a following amongst celebrities including J. Balvin, Kid Cudi, Kehlani, Lizzo, and Angus Cloud as well as Bad Bunny – who has commissioned custom pieces for red carpet appearances & performances. The brand has also been featured in top publications including Esquire, Los Angeles Times, GQ, Complex, Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, New York Magazine’s The Cut, and more.


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