Model Profile: Indre Novikaite

(Main image: @dk_pixels_uk / Dress: @ogwa.iweze / Make up: @glamourandglamorous)

Born in Lithuania, Indre Novikaite (@indrenox), 5’11, has lived in London since she was 16, and for the past 4 seasons has walked during London Fashion Week for BFC designers. This summer, she has her sights set on Miami Swim Week.

“I’ve been approached by agencies since I was 14 years old,” she says, “but had to deny the opportunities because my parents wanted me to finish my studies first. After getting my bachelors degree in Graphic Design, I was finally able to focus on my modelling career and follow my dream.

“I see modelling as a form of self-expression. I am immensely passionate about taking part in creative projects and working with imaginative people. I believe that modelling is a state of mind in which I experience the most freedom, and I see the camera lens as the window to boundless possibilities for creating inspirational imagery.

for the past 4 seasons she’s walked during London Fashion Week for BFC designers

Indre Novikaite

“So far I’ve achieved being on magazine covers and editorial spreads of beauty and fashion in the United Kingdom and Europe.

“I would describe myself as adventurous and eager for new experiences in life. I love to travel, meet new people and explore different cultures, and see it as a way to expand my mind and consciousness.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of walking at Miami Swim Week in July!”


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