Messi Lifestyle Apparel Brand Continues to Grow Under the Collaboration of Hilfiger

Messi Lifestyle Apparel Brand Continues to Grow Under the Collaboration of Hilfiger

With their first birthday on the horizon, the brand has taken the lifestyle apparel industry by storm

The Messi Store has firmly established itself as a fresh and compelling brand within the lifestyle apparel industry. Led by Designer and Creative Director, Ginny Hilfiger, and the Brand Manager, Maria Sol Messi, the chief goal of the brand is to expand on Leo Messi’s already growing list of accomplishments.

Built from the same core values and vision that Messi holds personally, the brand explores the idea of bringing identical intensity from the pitch as they do their premium lifestyle apparel.

Leo Messi

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“Life is about choices, sacrifices, determination, and hard work,” said Leo Messi. “Who I am today is shaped by these factors coming together at different points throughout my career. I am excited to bring the same core values and ambition to my personal lifestyle brand.”

With over two decades of experience within the fashion industry, Ginny Hilfiger brings her expertise to the line in carefully chosen color palettes, signature details and modern designs. Beginning her career alongside her brother Tommy, Ginny is responsible for designing and launching Tommy Jeans, H by Hilfiger, and the TommyxGiGi collaboration. Ginny was also responsible for the beginning of the rebranding of Fila globally in 2013.

“When I decided to pursue this collaboration, my goal was to always stay true to Leo and to push the boundaries of what it means to be celebrated as a decorated soccer icon,” said Creative Director, Ginny Hilfiger. “Our designs are focused on being effortless and accessible to all, much like that of Leo’s personal style.”

However, the powerful team does not stop there. The brand also welcomes their Brand Manager, Maria Sol Messi, Leo’s younger sister who has found passion in fashion and trends her entire life.

“It is a casual, fresh and modern collection that can be worn by people of any age.” Said Brand Manager, Maria Sol Messi. “The life style brand reflects what my brother is like, a humble person, with very clear ideas of what he wants”.

The Messi Store offers a range of iconic menswear pieces from edgy graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts, to jackets and high-performance polos and pants, all of which reflect Leo’s sense of style. The collection is currently preparing for a busy summer as major events surrounding Messi and his career are set to take place.

About The Messi Store

The Messi Brand is a direct reflection of the qualities Leo Messi demonstrates on and off the pitch: we specialize in creating innovative, premium lifestyle clothing with high quality and precision detail in every stitch. We strive for excellence, precision, and humility in everything we do.

Created by Ginny Hilfiger, whose previous resume includes designing for and creating Tommy Jeans as well as designing for FILA, we support masters of their craft, whatever their craft may be. Footballers, freestylers, musicians, artists, the list goes on. If you have a passion in which you strive for excellence, The Messi Brand supports you. Precision, the condition or fact of being exact and accurate, is as important to us as it is to you: you settle for nothing but the best when it comes to “mastering your craft.”

Our goal is to inspire dreamers to live to their full potential: to be the best they can be, on and off the field. Bringing your “A” game shouldn’t stop after you play the best game of your life. Bring that passion and hard work in every area of your life – always strive to be the best version of yourself, and good things will happen.


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