Mary Katrantzou x The Rug Company

Entitled A Life in Pattern, this collection follows the great success of their first collaboration, Fantastical Florals, in 2019.

It showcases two new designs in two colourways and highlights the appreciation of beauty, craftsmanship and bold patterns that both brands share.

Mary Katrantzou

A Life in Patterns draws upon powerful motifs to create mesmerising pieces of art for the floor using components from artistic movements to natural elements.

Inspired by Mary Katrantzou`s AW19 collection, which examined the four classical elements of Ionian philosophy, “FEATHER MARBLE” is reminiscent of air. Being showcased in Maroon and Midnight colourways where sophistication meets psychedelia, as swathes of ombre tones rhythmically move across the face of the rug. “FEATHER MARBLE” is crafted in a balance of wool and silk, and captures the delicacy and agility of the air element while also presenting a richness of colour.


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Mary Katrantzou

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