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Mariane Bechara: From Beirut to the World

We sat down with Mariane Bechara and discussed the fashion world in Beirut and how things are changing. As one of the top designers in Lebanon she gave us an insight into what’s happening and what she’s doing with her designs. Her expressions are clear and evident through her eccentric silhouettes and bold colors. She is well known in the Middle East and has big dreams for her company to continue showing how elegance and timeless mystery can live in one place.

Mariane Bechara

Q: How did the idea of MARIANE BECHARA come about?

Having my own brand was a little girl’s dream that came to life when I started designing my own gowns. I took this dream a little further after graduating with a Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing in Beirut, as I decided to pursue another major in Fashion Design in Milan.

it was a little girl’s dream come to life

It was a life-changing experience that led me to launch my own Couture brand in Beirut in 2017. And ever since then, it’s thankfully been going upwards and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to every single person who contributed to our success along the way.

Q: What are the key components of the brand and concept creation?

Confident, unique and most importantly REMEMBERED. This is our personal motto.

Confident, unique, REMEMBERED

MARIANE BECHARA is a Couture brand that prides itself with making women feel as good as they look. It’s a brand that aims to empower women through fashion, from sultry gowns to magnetic power suits. We aim to make women shine, anywhere, anytime.

Q: How does your brand differentiate from other Couture Brands?

Apart from our signature corset pieces, it has always been imperative for us to make sure the finishing is even better than the outside look. We work with the ultimate precision on each piece, from the Ready-to-Wear clothes to the most embroidered couture gowns.

After all, precision in fashion is key.

precision in fashion is key

After the piece has been designed, we translate the sketch into three dimensions.

I personally make sure to follow-up in all tasks with the team and inside the atelier, from the very beginning to the last moment of touch-ups until the client receives the garment.

Q: How does MARIANE BECHARA plan to showcase its difference in the Middle East?

It’s by blending my oriental roots with that of the occident that I aim to showcase MARIANE BECHARA’S identity in the Middle East. Our designs men the bridge between the old and the new, the East and the West, the embroidered and the simple. It’s all about creating the perfect balance that we aim to shine!

Q: Where do you see the brand 5 Years from now?

Hopefully reaching new heights!

Q: Do you plan on bringing the brand into the metaverse/ metaverse fashion week?

Anything could be possible! I’ve learned along the way to never say never…let’s see where the wind blows!

Q: Where have you seen a bigger growth since the pandemic, your RTW or Couture Collection?

We’ve witnessed a big growth within all sections of our brand, but perhaps the biggest one was in our Custom-made Bridal gowns that have become an essential part of MARIANE BECHARA.

We love taking special care of our brides and we’ve seen this attention reflecting well on their huge satisfaction. As long as they’re happy, we are too!

Q: Do you plan on bringing a streetwear/ avant – garde collection that more people can wear on a daily basis?

It is something that I’ve been thinking of a lot this past year. But this remains a subject for the future!

Q: Any future collaborations or projects you would like the audience to know about?

We are already grateful for the myriad of achievements we’ve made in a very short period of time, and hopefully the future will open up a few more doors.

Q: How did it feel being featured in so many magazines including FORBES, as well as dressing so many celebrities after only 5 years of launching your eponymous brand?

I feel extremely grateful and thankful for every person who contributed in our success along the way, from every single magazine who featured us in its content to every stylist who highlighted our vision and every celebrity who chose us, and wore our pieces with poise and pride. And it was truly a beautiful feeling seeing my name featured on Forbes’ “40 Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands” after only 5 years and at 28 years old.

I’ve come to find through my experience that hard work always pays off and we are beyond grateful to have our designs appreciated on both a local and international level. We are working towards achieving more and more in the upcoming years as our brand grows with each milestone.


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