Luminescent Candles Brings Sustainable, Clean, Wholesome Luxury

Luminescent Candles

Have you ever noticed that candles make everything better? We couldn’t agree more.

Luminescent (@ShopLuminescentCandles) is an up-and-coming “wholesome luxury” brand who strives to provide a little bit of comfort and light in what can sometimes be a dim world.

Inspired by the founder’s younger brother who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, the brand also gives back by donating a portion of all profits to the CF Foundation in hopes of someday finding a cure.

the brand donates a portion of all profits to the CF Foundation

They offer a curated selection of hand-crafted, hand-poured, and beautifully designed luxury candles that set the tone for the ultimate cozy atmosphere, and in our experience, always leave you wanting a little more.

Leave it to Luminescent to transform your home into an immersive world that satiates your thirst for comfort while transporting you to memorable moments in time.

With names like Sunday Morning, Sunkissed, and Hotel Dreams, every candle seems to fit a mood or occasion. April Love, Luminescent founder, says the brand is an expression of her “little dream world”, and Hotel Dreams is the scented representation of that world.

Hotel Dreams captures and evokes the feeling of checking into the dreamiest hotel suite you can imagine: Think room service, Victorian ceilings, a welcome champagne, and five-star luxury. A magical space where all the little details that make a moment unique are never forgotten.

The brand is dedicated to capturing life’s sweetest moments and moods, enveloping them into a scent to be later accessed again and again, and gifting them to everyone. They believe that when you are immersed in a relaxing environment and your inner world is calm, it’s easy to combat the hustle and bustle outside of that reprieve.

But they put a unique spin on luxury: they aren’t just dedicated to bringing you coziness and peace of mind in an elevated way. They take it one step further in being ultra-conscious of their ingredients to ensure that your sanctuary is a toxin-free zone.

Every hand-poured candle is free of dyes or synthetic materials, and is always cruelty-free. Made with a premium-grade coconut wax sustainably sourced from U.S. based farms, non-toxic scents infused with essential oils, and pure cotton wicks, they provide a luxuriously long lasting (60+ hours, to be exact) and clean burn.

Every hand-poured candle is free of dyes or synthetic materials, and is always cruelty-free

Additionally, their made-in-the-USA glass vessels are designed to be reused as flowerpots, pen holders, or anything your environmentally conscious heart desires. A sustainable, ultra-luxurious, wholesome candle that gives back? Count us in for the 3-Pack.


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